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Turning Figma designs into interactive experiences has never been easier

June 21, 2023
June 20, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of our Figma plugin. Our aim is to revolutionize the way designers create interactive content for good. We examined the current workflow for creating microapps and asked, “How can we improve microapp creation?” From the beginning, we knew an improvement this large would require a new approach and a new set of tools to seamlessly create microapps.

Designers have spoken and we have listened. The new Figma plugin provides designers with a seamless and efficient way to bring their ideas to life. Gone are the days of switching between multiple tools and platforms; now, you can design microapps directly within the familiar Figma environment. This integration streamlines the design process, saving valuable time and effort. We believe this plugin will empower creatives, to unlock all of the benefits of Figma when creating interactive experiences. Get ready to take your design game to the next level!


Key Benefits

Enhanced Productivity

By eliminating the need to switch between different applications, the plugin significantly boosts productivity. Designers can now focus solely on their creative vision, without any interruptions or workflow disruptions. Say goodbye to exporting and importing assets or juggling multiple software tools!

Real-Time Collaboration 

Figma's collaboration capabilities are renowned, and the plugin leverages this strength. Design teams can now collaborate in real time while designing microapps. Share your work, gather feedback, and iterate with ease, fostering a more collaborative and efficient design workflow.

Powerful Integration

The plugin seamlessly integrates Tiled into the Figma ecosystem, aligning with your existing design assets and components. This ensures consistency across your design files and allows for easy customization of microapps. With just a few clicks, you can create engaging and interactive experiences without any technical barriers.

Interactive Prototyping

Designers often face challenges when trying to create interactive prototypes for user testing or client presentations. The Figma plugin solves this problem by enabling designers to add interactivity directly within their design files. Showcase your microapps' functionality, user flows, and animations without leaving Figma, providing a holistic view of the final product.

Unleash Your Imagination

The plugin allows designers to unleash their imagination and explore new horizons of creativity. With the power to design microapps, you can now craft captivating interactive experiences without any limitations. Immerse your users in engaging narratives, introduce dynamic animations, and create delightful interactions. For inspiration, you can leverage a myriad of microapp templates from our Figma community page.

Seamless Storytelling

Creatives thrive on storytelling, and the Figma plugin makes it easier than ever to weave interactive narratives. Build microapps that guide users through compelling stories, enhancing engagement and immersing them in your design. Whether it's a portfolio showcase, a product walkthrough, or an interactive infographic, the possibilities are endless.

The release of our new Figma plugin marks a significant milestone in the world of microapps. With the ability to design microapps directly within Figma, designers now have the power to go from concept to production-ready designs instantly. We hope that as designers craft engaging experiences with the new plugin we will introduce the world to a new era of creative interactivity. Get ready to explore the endless possibilities of microapps and see your ideas come to life faster than ever!

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