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The cost of Tiled depends on the number of users and features you need.
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Built for enterprise organizations to create interactive content experiences.
Teams of 15+
Unlimited microapps
AWS Hosting
Embeddable microapps
No-code builder
Design tool integration
Engagement analytics
Centralized microapp library
Offline caching
Microapp broadcasting
Dynamic personalized fields
Open API access
Dedicated customer success
Flat platform fee


Are there any requirements to use Tiled?
You’ll need a modern web browser and an internet connection to use our web app to access the microapp builder, user management, and complete analytics. Microapps can be cached and viewed offline from our iOS and Android applications.
Who counts as a user? How many do I get? Can I add more?
A user is someone who can sign in to your Tiled account.
Will my data and information stored in Tiled be private and secure?
We take privacy and security very seriously. Please read through our privacy and security policies and direct any questions to
What features will be included in my plan?
To view a catalog of all our current and upcoming features, browse our feature guide microapp. Enterprise plans include all features with the exception of user-specific add-ons.
Can I change my plan?
You can upgrade your plan or add on additional users or supplementary features at any time. You may cancel your plan in accordance with our terms of services.