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Made with Tiled

Made with Tiled

Interactive content wins

Reimagine your sales and marketing assets to close more deals, faster.
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Personalize every experience

One size does not fit all. Give each person a tailored experience that keeps them coming back for more.
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Sales enabled.  Customers engaged.

Deliver superior sales presentations that enable your sellers and engage your customers, while delivering a differentiated story consistent with your brand values.
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Deliver superior buying experiences.

Easy to create

Create with Powerpoint, Figma, XD, or Sketch and add personalization, video, text, and interactivity with Tiled.

Simple to share

Have a game-changing product, dialed in messaging, and trained sales reps? Don't let it fall apart at the finish line.

• Engaging interactivity
• Personalized experiences
• Powerful integrations
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Manage your outcomes

To take care of the bottom line you have to know what’s working, what isn’t, and why. We’ve got you covered.

• User engagement data
• Built-in analytics
• Trackable share links

Why use Tiled?

The projects turned out beautifully, and everything was delivered on time and on budget.”
Vanessa Thurman
Principal Creative Strategist
$40K savings in hard costs
$75K savings in front-end development
300+ hours saved in development
This has put us in a whole different class from our competitors. It is just helping sales dramatically.”
Brittney Zoeller
Marketing Director
22% increase in conversion rate
16% increase in project-based revenue
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Move fast, use templates

Move fast, use templates

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Looking for more answers?
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What is interactive content?
Interactive content is any type of content that allows viewers to actively engage with it. Interactive content enables the consumer to be an active participant in the story, rather than simply being a passive consumer.
Who can use Tiled?
Global brands like Skullcandy, IBM, Adobe, and Compass Group trust Tiled to remove the barriers of curating immersive stories to help amplify better conversations through dynamic, interactive presentations.
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How do brands use Tiled?

• eBooks and white papers
• Event marketing
• Datasheets
• Research and analyst reports
• Infographics
• Campaign microsite
• Case studies
• Press kits
• Buying guide ROI calculator

• Playbooks
• Onboarding and training guides
• Pitch presentations
• Industry/professional best-practice guides
• Competitive & cost comparisons
• Buying guide ROI calculator

• Training playbooks
• Onboarding and training guides
• Internal newsletters
• Onboarding infographic
• Benefits / compensation guide
• Career guide 30/60/90 guide
• “How to excel in your role” playbooks

Why is Tiled better than PowerPoint & PDF?
Removing static PowerPoint presentations and PDFs from the most meaningful interactions, Tiled has helped revolutionize many teams to engage in hyper-immersive experiences resulting in dynamic, memorable conversations with prospects, customers, and employees — all without sacrificing bandwidth, security, or creativity.
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