We believe the attention economy needs some attention.

Attention is scarce, and consumer-grade experiences make it hard for businesses to compete for the eyes of prospects, customers, and employees. That needs to change.

Our Story

For thousands of years, creating content has been only a two-dimensional experience: Storytellers transformed their imaginations into marks on a page and readers transformed those marks into imagined realities. From papyrus to the printing press to presentation slides, no one has reimagined how stories could be told.

Yet the advent of the internet changed communication forever. No longer were stories trapped within words on a page or presentation. Readers now want all-consuming experiences with video, audio, interactivity, and more. Readers are no longer readers: They’re viewers, listeners, explorers, innovators. That’s why we built Tiled.

The old ways of communicating limit your imagination with flat text and boring slides. Your storytelling craves a more innovative, engaging experience that amplifies the power of every medium at your fingertips. Your audience, whether for sales and marketing, creative directing, or employee empowering, demands something fresh. Reimagine what content can be with Tiled, an interactive content platform built for the new age of communication. Our no-code story builder lets teams create, share, and edit their content anywhere, anytime, with actionable analytics to scale their impact. Leave behind the static past and rewrite the future.

At Tiled, we help enterprises create engaging experiences easily.

Our brand pillars

Make interactive content accessible.

We believe every enterprise deserves the right to reimagine their content. That’s why Tiled lets designers, storytellers, and creators use their favorite tools, and then share, collaborate, and edit anytime, anywhere.

Deliver engaging experiences.

We believe leaders and readers need more than just PDFs and PowerPoints. They deserve experiences that rival even the best consumer content available, whether on TVs, tablets, or telephones.

Be effective and drive results

We believe content is useless unless it delivers meaningful results. Tiled comes prebuilt with actionable analytics to prove your content is effective, no matter the use case or audience.

Leadership team

Darrell Swain
Founder & CEO
Darrell Swain's passion for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship inspired him to launch Tiled in 2016 with some founding partners. As CEO, he oversees every aspect of the company's strategy and success. Darrell has a history of successful start-ups. As co-founder of Lucid Chart, he led its growth from beta to hundreds of thousands of active users, securing the financing and developing the product along the way. His vision of Tiled has pushed our product and our company to new heights and new successes.
Salil Apte
Chief Technology Officer
Salil Apte leads Tiled's Technology Operations. As CTO, he is responsible for the management of Tiled’s research and development (R&D) as well as its technological needs. Prior to joining Tiled, Salil was the founder and VP of Engineering at Sosh (acquired by Postmates) and the founder of Trikon Labs, developing both native and web systems. His experience in start-up environments and his deep understanding of technology have made Tiled a leader in the microapp space.
Jeremiah Simpson
Co-founder & VP of Experience
Jeremiah Simpson is a co-founder and Tiled's VP of Experience. He heads the design of all brand, microapp, and design strategy initiatives at Tiled to support design needs company-wide. His 15 years of experience at R/GA, McKinsey & Company, and Bridger -- where he was also a founding partner and director of User Experience -- makes him an expert on design strategy and digital experiences.
Arnaud Viltard
VP of Product
Arnaud Viltard oversees the product vision, product strategy, product design, and research at Tiled. He is a product leader, passionate about innovation and design. Before joining Tiled, Arnaud led product teams at Dell EMC and Seismic, where he also built the product design organization from the ground up. Arnaud’s enthusiasm and commitment to excellence are contagious and inspire others to follow his lead.
Jill Wiggins
VP of Customer Success
Jill Wiggins is the VP of Customer Success at Tiled. She brings 30 years of technology experience at enterprise and start-up companies, including EMC. She has managed executive and cross-functional operations across Product, Professional Services, Customer Support, Customer Success, and Education. Her obsession with customer success and her ability to lead across organizations has made an immediate impact on all aspects of Tiled’s business.
Matt Simpson
Matt Simpson’s desire to create interactive content without a dev team was the inspiration behind Tiled. As co-founder and strategic design partner, Matt helped launch and create the vision of Tiled and continues to influence our product design. With his creative team at Bridger Creative, he designs and builds interactive microapps for Tiled’s clients that create waves in the industry. His deep understanding of design and user experience from 20 years of creating interactive content and leading creatives at design agencies Lippincott, Johnson & Johnson, Digital McKinsey makes him a leader and essential part of Tiled’s continued success.
James Gentry
As a co-founder of Tiled, James Gentry has helped create the Tiled platform from the ground up. Drawing on his experience of building teams and co-founding companies, James has brought his software engineering and developer expertise to the Tiled team. He continues to build Tiled, developing the security and infrastructure of the Tiled platform.
Ty Nilsson
Senior Director of Demand Generation
As Tiled’s Sr. Director of Demand Generation, Ty lives and breathes building pipeline for Tiled’s stellar sales team. His responsibilities include all growth marketing functions including, digital marketing, demand generation, earned and owned marketing, and marketing operations. Before joining Tiled, Ty built and led demand generation and marketing teams in high-growth companies in HR Tech and Quality Management Tech industries. Ty holds BS in Business from the University of Utah and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.