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Scaling Interactive Content with New Design Tool Enhancements

February 8, 2023
Dan Parker
October 14, 2021

We are excited to announce our new product release that includes updates to our Adobe XD and Sketch design tool plugins. The new features improve the content creator’s workflow with fewer clicks while allowing them to spend more time in their design tool of choice. These improvements speed up the process of generating interactive content. 

Why is this update so important?

Every quarter, marketing, sales, and HR teams create goals and strategies to attract more leads, win more deals, or improve employee engagement. And most of those strategies incorporate “better” content as a way to help realize those goals. 

Bettering content has traditionally had a limited scope and has materialized in the form of better design, better messaging, or better distribution channels. 

Now, interactive content has created a new environment where we can expect more from our supporting collateral. Better content is now taking shape in a deeply impactful way because we can use interactive content to help us communicate more effectively, connect with our audience, and stand out from the competition. To help us actually deliver on our strategic initiatives. 

So the question becomes, how can we scale our interactive content strategy?

Scaling content begins with the creator or designer, which is always a finite resource. At Tiled, we have built our solution to help content creators generate amazing experiences while working seamlessly with the design tools they are using today. 

Allowing designers to author assets in their design tool of choice and assembling them in a solution like Tiled offers a host of advantages. 

  1. You can capitalize on your current technology investment rather than purchasing redundant technology.
  2. The Tiled platform focuses only on features that are additive to design tool functionality which creates a more straightforward experience when assembling content in Tiled.
  3. Content creators have less of a learning curve because a majority of their time will remain in their design tool of choice. 

With the new enhancements and Tiled’s core Adobe XD and Sketch plugin functionality, users can more easily scale their interactive content creation efforts. 

Tiled’s core plugin functionality allows users to automatically create interactive experiences by syncing assets and pages that were created with Adobe XD or Sketch and easily update Tiled content when changes are made in your design tools. New plugin enhancements include:

Adaptive Format Syncing

Leverage smart plugin logic to match artboard sizes in your design tool with the right adaptive format in Tiled.

Category Organization

Easily organize microapps by creating or assigning Tiled content categories without leaving Adobe XD or Sketch.

Microapp Template Access

Access microapp templates directly from the Adobe XD or Sketch plugin for inspiration.

The new plugin features reinforce our commitment to helping microapp creators click less, generate content faster, and continue to work in their design tool of choice.

Creating better content is commonplace. Scaling exceptional content is Tiled.

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Dan Parker
Director of Product Marketing