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Tiled Honored to be included in 2020 Marketing Technology Landscape

February 8, 2023
April 23, 2020

The 2020 Marketing Technology Landscape was released yesterday as part of Discover Martech, MarTech’s virtual conference. Leveraging crowdsourced data from hundreds of contributors since 2011, MarTech Conference Chair Scott Brinker, creator of what has quickly become a megagraphic, noted “Technology has truly become a primary pillar of how marketing operates.”

Featuring 8,000 marketing tools in this latest version, it’s been noted that what may be the most interesting thing about this year’s MarTech Landscape is the interactive component. Tiled is thrilled about being included in this incredible landscape under the Interactive Content subcategory nested within the Content & Experience category.

As the world moves to become even more digital, the reliance on solutions that enable organizations to deliver experiences is becoming even more critical. As customers crave experiences over static content, marketers need to deliver omnichannel experiences that engage and capture the right sentiment for the right touchpoint in their customer’s journey. There is more low and no-code software being developed because marketers want easy-to-use tools that offer greater utilization and faster adoption with integration capabilities. This is evidenced by the 53% of the surveyed participants who said they wanted ease-of-use solutions over 50% who preferred integration.

Brinker says martech is a long-term game and the number of SaaS apps used by enterprises continues to increase. “The truth is, if I look further out, and say ‘what are the next ten years of martech going to be about, I feel like the underlying forces of a robust and diverse landscape is probably going to continue.”

Marketers can register and access the interactive portal to search and view all 8,000 marketing technology tools listed in the landscape, as well as contribute new updates and add suggestions for moderators to review and incorporate into the official database of platforms.

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