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Our partners know that content is at the center of all mission-critical business processes. At Tiled, we’ve locked arms through strategic partnerships to combine the benefits of Tiled microapps with world class technology and design experts.

It's time to differentiate your business and transform your context experience with Tiled and our partner program.

Featured partners

Different Solutions for Different Partners

Affiliate partners

Do you have a referral in mind? The Tiled affiliate program is a perfect fit for creative agencies, independent contractors, and influencers to invite their friends to use Tiled.


• Free access to a Tiled Creative Account
• Earn referral commissions
• Become a certified microapp designer

Solutions partners

Designed to enable professional consulting groups and creative agencies to strategically align with Tiled as a referral and limited reseller partner. As a solution partner, agencies will provide advanced Tiled product knowledge, world class microapp design and customized solutions and implementation services.


• Access to discounts, referral commissions and revenue opportunities
• All agency employees get access to Tiled
• Receive live partner training
• Access to Tiled partner enablement resources
• Access to Tiled’s Early Access program

Technology partners

Created to allow best-of-breed content experience platforms to leverage Tiled’s microapp technology. As a Platform Partner, we’ll work with you to develop powerful interactive content solutions that differentiate your business.


• Joint commitment to building strategic content experiences
• Sell more to existing customers
• Expand into new markets
• Joint Marketing
• Shared roadmap

“Tiled is the ultimate interactive content solution for Enterprise teams. Our partnership with Tiled has unlocked a world of new opportunities.”

Randy Wootton

chief strategy officer at seismic

Technology Partner

“Removing barriers and accelerating the creation of interactive content is needed to foster the immersive experiences that resonate most with people, which is one of the core sentiments of our partnership with Tiled.”

Phillip Battersby

ceo at tectonic proserv

Solution Partner

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