Interactive Recruitment Content for the Entire Candidate Journey

February 8, 2023
Olivia Gochnour
December 22, 2020

One of the best ways to get the attention of quality, qualified candidates is to have stellar recruitment content. Your recruitment content should reflect your company’s voice and style while exemplifying your culture. Dry, stale, and boring company recruitment strategies might even scare away potential candidates by giving them the wrong impression of who you are.

Find out more about how you can produce engaging and interactive recruitment content throughout the entire candidate journey.

What Is Recruitment Content?

Recruitment content is all content a candidate interacts with on their journey to become an employee.

The recruitment content you utilize can directly relate to the quality of the candidates and applications that you receive. The longer a candidate spends reading and interacting with your recruitment content, the more time they spend engaged with your brand. They will be able to better understand your company, their potential role, and what you’re looking for.

Good employee recruitment strategies and content create a gateway for your ideal candidates while nurturing and building a relationship with them, allowing you to attract the right candidates for the open position.

What Are the Stages of the Candidate Journey?

The candidate’s journey is the sequence of steps that job applicants go through, culminating with onboarding as a new hire. These stages are:

  • Awareness: The candidate becomes aware of the job opening.
  • Consideration: The candidate looks into the employer’s branding, voice, and style.
  • Interest: The candidate establishes an interest in the job opening.
  • Application: The candidate fills out and completes an application.
  • Selection: Potential candidates are compared and interviewed. Much of this stage tends to include person-to-person interaction (whether that’s over the phone, Zoom, or actually in person).
  • Hire: The employer offers the job to the chosen candidate, and the candidate is given the opportunity to accept or reject the offer.
  • Onboarding: The new hire is trained and transitioned to a member of your team.
Why Does a Candidate’s Experience Matter?

Many candidates treat getting a new job much like purchasing a new product. They will research, explore, and self-educate before they make a decision. If the candidate’s experience with your recruitment marketing content is negative, they will never apply to the position, no matter how skilled or qualified they are.

How You Can Make Recruitment Content Interactive

Here are a few recruitment content ideas where you can use interactive content to stand out from the crowd.

Introduce the Company

Candidates in the consideration phase want to learn as much as they can about your company before they join. You can do this by providing interactive content about your team, including testimonials and images. When you share information about your company and employees, don’t limit it to members of the C-suite, but include a diverse sample of your company from all levels and teams.

Don’t be afraid to share candid or realistic photos and videos of your company. Sharing a behind-the-scenes view, or even employee-created content, is the best choice. Candid content helps establish realistic expectations of your company and can help nurture your company’s culture.

Tiled can help create a microapp that provides a candid look into your company with images, videos, and testimonials from your team.

Polish and Perfect the Job Posting

The job posting and description is the first interaction a candidate has with your brand. Just like you would never dream of boring your customers with rough or clumsy content, you should polish and perfect your posting to drive the best candidates to you.

To improve your postings:

  • Avoid any technical jargon.
  • Create a catchy and unique job summary.
  • Choose a precise job title.
  • Share core responsibilities.
  • List necessary hard and soft skills.
  • Answer frequently asked questions on an additional FAQ page.

Content strategy for recruiting should look similar to how you approach forming your marketing strategy. Your job posting should hook the candidate and spark interest, leading them to investigate and explore further content. Interactive content can create that edge you are looking for.

Job postings are not limited to the website you post them on. Refer people back to your website or a Tiled microapp to learn more about the job opening. This can give them a better sense of what the job opening includes, and provide a first look into your company’s style and voice.

Streamline the Application

The candidate should always have a sense of your company values and brand in every step of their journey. The application phase, however, is often overlooked and filled with long-form paperwork. Consider the experience of the candidate throughout the application process and see how you can simplify or streamline aspects of it.

Applicants will become frustrated and annoyed with your company if the process is overly complicated or takes too much time. You only need to get the most important details and requirements covered in the initial application.

Interactive content from Tiled can help you avoid a tedious application process. It can even allow for a candidate to start and stop as they need to, without forcing them to restart the application whenever they take a break.

Use Tiled to Up Your Recruitment Content Game

Tiled can help you create engaging and interactive content in all phases of the recruitment process. Tiled can help you replace your old content with microapps that help improve organization, accessibility, efficiency, and the overall experience.

Find out how Tiled can help you improve your recruitment content with dynamic digital solutions.

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