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Create personalized, interactive documents without code. Share anywhere and gain actionable insights.
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Create personalized, interactive documents without code. Share anywhere and gain actionable insights.
Our sales representatives are genuinely excited to use Tiled to personalize their interactive sales assets because it's so easy. The end results look amazing.
Mary Iannacone
Art Director
My team is happier, my stakeholders are happier, and the outcome is less expensive for the business so leadership is happier.
Vanessa Riley Thurman
Principal Digital Designer & Creative Strategist
We needed a tool that could drive more interaction and engagement, while also giving more visibility into what was working and what was not. Tiled did that for us.
Katherine Benavides
Digital Media & Marketing Manager

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A collection of third party tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp, LottieFiles and others to represent things you can embed in a microapp.
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What other software do I need to use Tiled?
Tiled is 100% SaaS — which means you never have to “download the latest” enhancements to make Tiled work. It’s delivered auto-magically! 
What types of integrations are available for Tiled?
Design interactive experiences without leaving the applications you love. Use our Sketch or Adobe XD integrations to create the content where you are most familiar. Then simply sync, create, and share: With the latest, approved creative elements at your fingertips, focusing on creating immersive content experiences is easier than ever. Our integration with HubSpot allows you to see and action Tiled engagement events directly in the tool.

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What type of data is collected in microapps?
Tiled allows you to gain actionable insight into how your audience engages with your content. From detailed heatmaps of engagement pathways to geographic and device usage, as well as tracking completion events that showcase content engagement. You can see which content types and topics your audience cares about most. View data such as views, time spent on page, engagement score, and much more.
Is Tiled GDPR and SOC2 compliant?
Yes, Tiled is fully GDPR compliant and SOC2 Type 1 attested. For more info about our Security Policy, please visit our security page.
Security page ›
Is it possible to make Tiled microapps private?
As an author and content creator, you are able to publish and share your content with the exact audience you need. Maintain full control over who can access, view, and engage with your content— it’s simply a click away. In the Tiled settings, you can determine whether it’s published publicly or as an “internal only” asset, which requires a Tiled user account. You can also share your content to the most common marketing platforms, including Outreach, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and many others.