Content needs
a new kingdom.

You’ve put time and effort into creating world-class content, but it lies dead as a PDF or PowerPoint. Breathe some life into your content with an interactive content platform built for teams.

Built for enterprise teams

Creativity happens anytime, anywhere, on every device. Now your experiences can be as agile as your workflow.
Content library
Get one place to store, share, and organize microapps for your entire team.
Sharing links
Send custom links to share microapps to the right people and gain insight.
Dynamic instances
Allow team members to create, share, and white-label controlled, custom variations.

File format flexibility

Our no-code content platform lets creative teams use the tools they love to unleash their creativity in new ways.

Design tool compatibility

Design in any tool and upload or sync for no-code interactive experiences.

Function tiles

Drag and drop tiles to add media, interactive functions, and embeddable content.

APIs and integrations

Build your own integrations or use ours for CRMs, LMSs, and more.

Actionable analytics

See what excites your audience, make adjustments on the fly, and republish to enhance the experience.

Completion events

Gauge the level of microapp engagement by tracking key moments.

User and microapp insights

Gain insights on specific recipients, their engagement, and overall usage.

Data download

Download or use our API to retrieve Tiled engagement data for your own data visualization tools.

Enterprise-grade security

Download or use our API to retrieve Tiled engagement data for your own data visualization tools. Additionally, Tiled has a SOC 2 Type 1 attestation.

Secure login

Use Okta or another SSO or SAML configuration to keep your logins secure.

User permissions

Assign roles to users and sort them into groups to regulate information and governance.

Link expiration and password protection

Set links to expire after a designated period or password-protect microapps to maintain security.
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Use microapps across your business.

Sales + Marketing

Convert leads and close deals by making your content sizzle. Build compelling narratives, interactive enablement, and engaging collateral that’ll leave your audience speechless.
Content marketing
Demand gen
Sales onboarding
Customer + partner marketing

Creative + Design

Your teams want to unleash their creativity, but their ideas can only go as far as the developers’ time. They need the freedom to design, develop, and deploy their imaginations from start to finish.
Design tool compatibility
Feedback and revisions
Broadcast and embed

HR + Communications

Employees glaze over bland, impersonal corporate communications served up in handbooks and emails. To cut through the noise, you need to deliver more innovative, engaging content that amplifies the employee experience and drives behavior change.

“The thing about a microapp compared to a brochure — a brochure doesn’t live, it doesn’t interact with you … Tiled is a much more effective way of communicating. It’s alive.”

Vess Pearson

ceo, Aptive Environmental

“Tiled has become our storefront. It’s how we control the conversation with the customer and offer a consistent brand experience. It’s making the process easier for our team and better for our customers.”

Josh Crittenden

vp of sales experience, vivint

“One of the most compelling things about Tiled was the visual representation of the playbooks we created… we wanted to figure out a better way to get information in front of the sales manager to allow them to choose their own adventure.”

Ellen Rataj

director of training & development, hubspot

Just a few reasons why our customers love Tiled

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Engage your readers. Read your engagement.

Tiled’s interactive content platform gives you the insight to make it better. Sound good? Let’s get started.