Create a Memorable Employee Onboarding Experience with Microapps

February 8, 2023
Olivia Gochnour
February 11, 2021

Employee onboarding is a lengthy process. Unfortunately, too many companies make it a boring series of training and slide decks to be endured before an employee can get to work. Dull or flat onboarding experiences don’t represent the culture or style of your company, so why do you keep using them?

With the right resources, you can have an engaging and creative employee onboarding experience. With the Tiled platform, it’s possible to create an interactive experience that ensures it’s a positive one. Find out more, including examples of employee onboarding, with the help of Tiled microapps.

What is an Onboarding Experience?

The onboarding experience is the process that helps new hires adjust to their role quickly and smoothly. Onboarding ensures your new hires are started on the path of success.

Onboarding can establish the initial relationship an employee has with a company. First impressions often last a lifetime, so it’s important to manage and control the messaging of the onboarding experience.

Rather than dragging your new employees through boring HR lectures and presentations, microapps can help the onboarding experience be interactive, engaging, and true to any company’s style and culture.

What Should Be Included in Employee Onboarding?

What exactly needs to be part of the onboarding experience? Here are some of the essential components that should always be included, and how a microapp can improve delivery of this information to new employees.

Introduce Job Description and Responsibilities

Employees need to know what they are responsible for and what is expected from them. This enables them to measure and track their own success and understand the relevance of future training opportunities.

Using a microapp as part of your onboarding experience can bring the job to life, showing an employee how they fit into the organization as a whole. This includes not just showing them how their role fits within their direct team, but also allowing them insight to see and explore the functions of the entire organization.

Tour of the Office

No matter if your office is a small rental space or covers an entire campus of buildings, new hires need to know where they are and where they’re going. Quality onboarding should introduce them to different areas of your office.

With microapps, new hires can take a digital tour of your office before their first day. This way, they can explore the building at their own speed and feel comfortable on their first day.

Introduce Company Culture

Company culture should never be treated as an afterthought. Share aspects of the company’s culture throughout the entire employee onboarding experience. Culture can be difficult to explain in words, so consider how to show culture instead of simply telling about it.

Showing company culture as part of the onboarding experience goes much further than a few slides. Microapps make it possible to reflect company culture throughout the entire onboarding experience. They enable companies to show a cohesive, unified, and on-brand message that uses your company’s culture and style, rather than just talks about it.

Introduce New Employees to Your Internal Products and Software

Employees need to know how to use the tools you give them. Some programs and products are universal and require little training, but there are some essential internal products like time clocks or HR programs that need a bit more attention.

Track Required Training

For a complete employee onboarding experience, each step and training needs to be tracked and recorded. This ensures that each employee gets the training they need and that no steps are skipped or repeated.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vivint Solar was faced with helping over 2,500 field sales reps transition from selling in-person to over-the-phone, in less than a week. With the help of Tiled microapps, Vivint Solar learned how to onboard a new employee remotely and tracked the progress of each employee throughout the training. The microapp made it easy for Vivint Solar to know who was qualified in their new role and who still needed additional training. Similarly, companies can use this same technology to track the ongoing performance and career development of their current employees.

Improve Your Onboarding Experience with Tiled

Tiled microapps provide a completely customizable interactive and immersive digital environment that can improve a company’s onboarding experience. Tiled helps employees interact with relevant content that will help them remain engaged throughout the entire onboarding experience. This helps employees retain what they are learning and increases conversion rates for new internal programs or processes.

Request your free demo today to see how Tiled can transform your static onboarding content into a memorable experience, and check out our case studies for more examples of our work in action.

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