Transform your
Tiled experience

Our team of microapp experts can help you to transform your documents into powerful microapps and teach you to do the same.

Why Professional Services?

Sometimes you might not have the bandwidth or resources to create the interactive experience you want. Whether you want to build a full microapp or give your team additional training to unlock the Tiled Platform, we’ve got you covered.
Microapp design
Our UX experts will help you reimagine your static content as interactive and engaging experiences. Bring the power of microapps to your organization.
Design training
Receive the training you need to take your business documents to the next level. Each training is tailored to your needs to ensure you get results.

A team that understands your challenges

Experience design is taking the world of digital transformation by storm. Sometimes this change requires additional support which is why we launched Professional Services. Working with the Professional Services team means you will work closely with a dedicated Project Manager and Professional Microapp Designer to tackle your microapp needs.

Complete microapp design
Microapp templates
Updating existing microapps
Interactive design strategy
Microapp design consultation
Design training
Complete microapp design
Microapp templates
Updating existing microapps
Interactive design strategy
Microapp design consultation
Design training

Build a better story

“Tiled helped us provide a frictionless experience to transform our documents into microapps that exceeded our expectations. The projects turned out beautifully, and everything was delivered on time and on budget.”
Vanessa Thurman
Principal Creative Strategist
“I’m so excited to start leveraging this so that our customers can really have a unique experience with our brand and stories. Your team immediately understood our goals, our brand, and absolutely delivered."
Ali Blasi
Marketing manager, H&P Drilling
“Not only did you turn around an amazing asset in a remarkably short amount of time, but you did it with a level of professionalism and grace that you don’t always experience. Tiled will be instrumental in Sotheby’s future expansion plans.”
Fernando De Nuñez Y Lugones
Executive VP & Chief Economist
One Sotheby's International Realty

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Looking for more answers?
Visit our FAQ page
How do I submit a project for Professional Services?
Your Customer Service Manager (CSM) will work closely with you to identify projects that make a great microapp project. Once you have gathered all of the content for your microapp project, your CSM will work with you to submit a project brief which will be reviewed by the Professional Services team.
How long will it take to build my microapp?
Projects can take anywhere from two to five weeks depending on the size of the microapp. This provides the time needed for reviews, revisions (if needed) and quality assurance. Each project is scoped to your needs and a timeline will be provided for each project. Gathering the necessary content is usually what delays projects so, ensuring that we receive the most information about a project as possible will greatly improve delivery times. 
What if I just want help getting started?
Our Activate offering is perfect for you. We can design the UX and navigation framework for you so that you can then add content. This is a great way to get started and have a template to follow for future microapps.Do you create the design content, including copy, artwork, animations, and videos for my microapp? Customers are expected to provide the content and media assets for the microapp and we provide the user experience flow and navigation and visual experience. Animations, videos, stock images and copy can be scoped separately, if requested.
What do I get when you deliver my microapp?
Upon completion, we will hold a delivery call and walk through the design files and microapp construction. The final deliverables will be the microapp in your Tiled library and the design files.
What if I need changes made after delivery?
Once we deliver the completed microapp and design files, you have the tools to make changes as needed. However, if resources are an issue, we are happy to assist with those changes to the microapp. We will scope the changes and provide an estimate or we can discuss an ongoing maintenance package.
What is an ongoing maintenance package?
We understand that sometimes it is easier to have us help you maintain your microapps and waiting on new estimates can be time consuming. Maintenance includes updates to existing microapps for content or asset changes.  Talk to your CSM if you think you might need a solution like this.