Tiled Product Highlight

February 8, 2023
June 16, 2017

We want you to love Tiled as much as we do. So, we consult the data, brainstorm new ideas, and listen to valuable customer feedback. We are always hard at work improving our product and building out new features. Each month we’ll highlight some of the features you can use to get the most out of Tiled.

Dynamic Navigation

Tiled presentations easily adapt to fit your conversations. By making it simple to build dynamic routes into your presentations, we make it easy to take the conversation on a more engaging path while staying on message.

New Analytics Views

Knowing how your content is being used is an important part that we’ve been improving. We’ve put a lot of thought into building out our analytics features and continue to make them better and better. Maybe you are a sales rep wondering if a potential customer was really interested after your presentation. Check the analytics. Perhaps you are a content creator and curious where your content is being used. We can help with that!

PDF Import

Pretty much the easiest way to get started ever. Just drag in a pdf and we handle the rest. Once the import is complete you can customize the experience by adding in dynamic navigation elements or augmenting the presentation with video or galleries. We’re working on more import options and syncing tools too, so keep an eye out for those.


We started getting requests to be able to quickly duplicate a presentation, so, we built that! Just right click one from your list and click duplicate. Your presentation’s new twin will show up in the list as “unpublished” so you can make any desired changes before you share it.

Synced Content

Need to make an update to a presentation you already sent out to 300 people? Not a problem. Simply make the change and republish. Everyone will be notified of the update and always have the most up to date material on hand whether on the web or on their tablets or phones.

We are always looking to improve the Tiled experience on the web and the Tiled app. Feedback is our friend. If you’ve got any ideas or just want to say hi, send us a note!

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