Tiled Engagement Analytics 101

February 8, 2023
Manaleage Tedemet
May 7, 2021

How do your PDFs and PowerPoint decks perform? We ask this question A LOT and the answer is typically,"Um. I have no idea." Tiled empowers designers and storytellers to create unique and engaging interactive content experiences without code. Understanding what happens after you share your content is what differentiates good experiences from great experiences. Feedback is a gift. Tiled provides an unprecedented view of engagement to help make adjustments leading to the most optimal content experience.

Leveraging engagement analytics

Tiled has created a space within engagement analytics to gain meaningful insights and help you level up your microapp. Whether you are exporting a csv file or taking advantage of our API, these metrics are available in your desired format.

    1. Analyze high-level metrics at the user level and account level

         The most important metrics are at your fingertips when you find your way to the engagement analytics tab

    2. Drill down into the user view and microapp view for behavior trends

         User view to follow individual pathway analytics

          Microapp view to review aggregated analytics by microapp page and adaptive format

    3. Start creating actionable insights

          Make changes to your microapp to create the most engaging experience

High-level metrics

These metrics are to give you a quick overview of the activity going on in your account. Depending on your level of permissions you will have access to a roll-up of the following high-level metrics:

    User Sessions

     The total number of times a microapp has been opened as a logged in Tiled user

    Non-User Sessions

     The total number of times a microapp has been opened using a share link

    Total Sessions

     The total number of user sessions and non-user sessions


     The total number of times a user has successfully completed an event


     The total number of times microapps have been shared

Helpful Tips:

User Sessions are sometimes referred to as Sessions

Non-user sessions are sometimes referred to as Recipient views or Views

Pathway analytics

Microapps allow viewers to choose their own adventure when interacting with content.

Pathway analytics helps display all the steps taken to navigate a microapp during a session.

The following metrics are included in pathway analytics:

    Total number of pages viewed

     All pages the viewer navigated to are listed

    Total number of taps

     Visual indicators for hotspots are displayed to show all the hotspots within the displayed pages

     Taps are indicated with a blue circular marker where the viewer clicks a hotspot on any screen

    Total duration spent in microapp

     The amount of time a user viewed a page during a specific session

Microapp aggregated analytics

Microapp aggregated analytics is a way for users to gain insights into the overall performance of a microapp with data across sessions. Users have the ability to compare and assess whether pages need improvement.

By taking the guess-work out of microapp excellence, you can use meaningful performance data and make informed decisions.

You get more insight into what is working and what is not working in your microapp. If you are responsible for creating engaging content you can easily identify pages or adaptive formats that may need adjustments.

The following metrics are included in microapp aggregated analytics for each adaptive format:

    Total views

     Total of views per page for a specific adaptive format

     Average duration

     Total average duration spent viewing each page for a specific adaptive format

To learn more about the microapp aggregated analytics section read here.

At Tiled, creating beautiful interactive content is just as important as creating the most meaningful user experience. Start jumping into analytics to understand how your viewers are behaving in microapps today.

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Manaleage Tedemet
Senior Product Manager at Tiled