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Release Notes: March 2019 Edition

February 8, 2023
Hannah Cardall
March 26, 2019

In this new monthly feature, we’ll be introducing you to the biggest new things from Tiled. If you want to get all the details straight from our engineering team, they’ll be sharing biweekly updates at


For non-developers: an API (stands for Application Programming Interface) acts as a way for various programs to communicate information between their servers online. Simply put, APIs let data from one application be used in other applications (to learn more about what an API is and how it works, we recommend this article). For us, that means we’re using our API to work on a variety of integrations with other platforms to give Tiled the best functionality possible. In the meantime, your developers can use our API to integrate data from Tiled with your systems, whatever they may be. For example, you can push microapp engagement data to your CRM.

You can learn more about our API and see if that’s an option for you in our help center. If you’re ready to get started, your engineering team can read our documentation at

CSV Data Download

Export your monthly engagement data to learn from the raw numbers offline. Just hit the ‘Export CSV’ button on the top of the Team Engagement page to download your file.

Quiz Tile

Whether you want to train your team, educate your customers, or just makes things fun, our new quiz tile lets you create a quiz inside your microapp. Enter your questions, designate the right answer, and create pass/fail conditions. To learn how to use it, pay a visit to our help center for a tutorial.

Android App Alpha

Finally, Tiled is available to download on Android devices! Now Android users are available to download the app to access microapps on the go and cache them for offline viewing. We’re excited for you to give it a try.

Please note that our Android app is still in alpha, meaning some sections are still under construction. Our team will be releasing updates and bug fixes in the coming weeks and appreciate your patience while they create the best mobile experience possible.

To learn more about our new features and access more video tutorials, visit our how-to guide at or take a look at all our abilities in our feature guide microapp. New to Tiled? Give us your contact info and we’ll help you learn more.

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