Recent Updates — 9/18/17

February 8, 2023
September 18, 2017

Adaptive Experiences

Often there’s no way of knowing what type of device the shared microapp will be opened on and experiences designed for the desktop don’t always translate to a tablet or phone. Now Tiled designers can create Adaptive Experiences — different versions of a single microapp that, when opened, will automatically display the version that best fits the device and orientation.

To add a new size, click the plus button in the upper left corner of the Hub. Once an alternate size version of the microapp is available, the work is done. We take care of the rest.

Executive Analytics

Executive analytics (accessed from the Hub) now give admins a clearer picture into rep and customer activity. See account wide recent activity, active users, and the most active microapps. Selecting a specific user will show a breakdown of their recent activity including what they’ve shared. Filter by date range or view analytics for a specific microapp.


Bulk Sharing

We’ve also released bulk sharing which helps take advantage of the new Pathway Insights! Here’s how it works:

1. Bulk upload your contacts and send out a microapp

2. Receive a notification when someone opens it

3. Get insight into each individual recipient — how long they’ve spent inside of the microapp, the path they took through the content and more.

Pathway Insights allow for a deeper understanding of each recipient so their needs can be better met.

YouTube & Vimeo Support

As requested, you can now include YouTube and Vimeo videos in your microapps. This allows for a better streaming experience to store and manage your videos in a central location

To learn more about Tiled, visit and request a free demo today.

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