Four things to consider when creating content that drives action

June 20, 2023
Kate Eazer
February 8, 2023

Alright, it’s a new year and chances are you’re feeling both inspired and overwhelmed. Why? Because you have an intense desire to tear apart all of your existing content and make it better, but you don’t want to sign yourself up for a huge overhaul just to be met with the same issues and outcomes. We get it... We struggle with that too. 

So we wrote this blog not only to center ourselves as we mapped out our 2023 content strategy, but to hopefully help center others too.  

Here are 4 things to focus on when creating meaningful and effective content:  

1. Relevancy - Make sure it makes sense. 

First things first, get intimately familiar with your buyer’s journey as it exists today. You might be surprised at how much it has changed since you did this exercise last. Why is this important? Because there is almost always some sort of path to purchase that involves research and evaluation. And it’s your company's job to make sure you are serving up relevant content at each corresponding stage in order to push your prospects further down the funnel. Hubspot lays it out nicely in this article. 

2. Quality - Make sure it’s engaging. 

Relevant content is great, but if it’s off-brand, static, and boring it’s probably not going to move the needle much (or worse, move it in the wrong direction). Considering high-quality engaging content impacts audience decision-making more than any other marketing method it’s important to invest in the right tools and resources to help improve the appearance (and experience) of your content. Fun fact: Interactive content gains 2X more engagement than static content.

3. Delivery - Make sure it’s personal. 

Once you’ve created your relevant and engaging content, the real work begins: getting it into the right hands - in the right way. This is also where things usually fall flat. Remember, people need to feel seen by the companies they choose to work with, so personalizing your content before sharing it will greatly increase the chances of your prospects engaging with it. Believe it or not, research shows 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions—and three quarters will switch if they don’t like their experience.

4. Efficacy - Make sure it's working. 

Maybe the most important (and most difficult) part of content development is measuring success and optimizing accordingly. Be sure to set aside time after publishing a new piece of content to review its performance with your team. And make sure that whatever tools you choose to invest in can provide audience engagement data so you know exactly what's resonating and what’s not. 

If your content already checks all four boxes above, then hats off to you! You did it! Alternatively, if you’re feeling even more overwhelmed after reading this because you don’t have the team, the tools, or the time to make these improvements, then schedule some time with us HERE. We’d love to help.

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Kate Eazer
Sr. Marketing Manager