Designing for the Experience: Connecting Message, Design and Outcomes

February 8, 2023
Matt Simpson
March 23, 2020

In today’s hyper-connected world, organizations are always walking the delicate balance between what and how to present critical information to end users. The need to control, manage and mold the narrative quickly is just as critical as the narrative itself. Especially given how quickly information needs to travel – across teams, regions, add sometimes even continents. “Communication, in all of its forms, is happening at an even faster pace than ever before. Every single organization, globally, has the need to control what they want their end users to see, when they want them to see it and for how long they want them to engage with that content,” explains Matt Simpson, Head of Design for Tiled. “This need to share and engage with their audience isn’t new. The way we’ve been doing it so far just hasn’t been effective.”

Spending hours-upon-hours generating paper documents or creating text-heavy files that ultimately end up in the shredder, archived in some SharePoint site or skimmed via email then banished to the Trash does nothing to help achieve the goal, which is to engage and retain the information that’s shared. As organizations think about ways to break-through the noise, introducing the “what” in the same fashion and context as the “how” often sets the right stage. It builds the foundation for the right experience. As a Senior Product Manager at Tiled, Manaleage Tedemet is constantly thinking about ways to help our customers build those meaningful experiences. With the new custom microapp landing experience, Manaleage crafted a solution that enables customers to control the message and user experience, directly within Tiled, from their very first touchpoint. “Microapps were born from the desire to have interactive experiences. The Custom Microapp Landing Experience feature is our way of further empowering our customers to control their user’s experiences within Tiled. When one of our customers came to us with a business problem, we of course wanted to meet the needs of this customer, but we needed a viable productized solution that could apply to all our customers.”  

With the new custom microapp landing experience feature, customers can:

  • Customize the microapps per their use case: new brand message, an announcement about changes or improvements, an internal release regarding a competition or spiff, or adherence to an annual compliance or regulatory requirement, onboarding steps, product walk-throughs, etc.
  • Design microapps experiences that can be complex or simple – we leave it up to organizations and teams to decide what works best for them
  • Ensure that customers can leverage user, logic, branding, and cadence flow throughout the custom landing microapp

“Just as customer journeys involve  a variety of touch-points that require intentional design strategy, the same goes for how an experience is designed. It really comes down to the user experience. If the content is magnificent but no one reads it because it wasn’t delivered effectively, is it still magnificent?” asks Matt, as a parting thought to how design and content are tied together when it comes to information retention.

As for her part, Manaleage leaves us thinking about how technology is the capable vessel to great design for effective content “The visual design is just as critical as the software – they go hand-in-hand to deliver the desired outcome. Each plays a crucial part, each is a gateway to accomplishing against expectations. I’m always thrilled that our customers understand that just as clearly as the Product and Design team at Tiled.”

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Matt Simpson
Creative Director at Bridger Creative and Co-Founder at Tiled