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February 8, 2023
Matt Simpson
March 9, 2020

A designer’s ability to translate complex concepts, ideas, and data into compelling stories is key to creating emotional connections with a brand that ultimately drive customer action. In today’s hyperconnected experience economy, these connections are crucial, but speed and scalability demand designers keep up with the fast pace of technology. We work to enable creative teams to work more efficiently in applications they already rely on while extending their ability to design better, more immersive experiences that resonate with customers.

One of the most powerful things about Tiled is that we are not a design tool. We don’t want to constrain creativity to premade templates or blocks on a grid. There are a lot of fantastic programs designers already use and love — our goal is simply to bring visuals straight from the art board to life. Think of it like WYSIWYG, but for interaction. We focus on empowering teams to tell visual stories easily by bridging the experience gap. As organizations work to connect their tech ecosystems, our plugins work to broaden the extensibility of creative teams. We give designers, artists, and storytellers the advantage to leverage the efficiency of technology while they remain in the applications they love.

To us, these goals look like this: design and prototype pages, assets, and overlays in Sketch or XD. Then use our plugin to sync to Tiled, where the work you’ve already done will be ready in our builder, where you can add rich media and interaction like videos, embeds, quizzes, completion points, and more. Then publish your work as a microapp and share to gain insights on user behavior. Whether you’re creating content for brand, sales, or learning, we’re passionate about your content experience.

With the Tiled plugins for Adobe XD and Sketch, we help designers to live in the creative tools they love and extend their ability to create emotional, immersive experiences.

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Matt Simpson
Creative Director at Bridger Creative and Co-Founder at Tiled