What Type of Content Works Best on LinkedIn?

February 8, 2023
Jake Reni
October 30, 2019

With LinkedIn membership well over 500 million, it’s vital to create engagement in your profile and shared content to stand out among the crowd. LinkedIn is one of the best business tools online, but it has become much more than static content and job listings.

Quite the opposite, actually. LinkedIn has become a place for conversation and valuable resources. Because of this, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to share experiential content and rich media. Engaging viewers and customers on LinkedIn can be done through the use of visual assets.

What is Experiential Content and Rich Media?

Rich media is a term used to describe enhanced visual features like images, videos, and presentations. The goal of rich media is to create interaction and engagement with viewers and consumers. Rich media is the perfect complement to a description, summary or blog article. It’s also an easy way to share content in a different, more visually appealing way.

Experiential content goes hand-in-hand with rich media but takes content curation a step further by using content to tell stories about your brand. Storytelling is the focus of experiential content and it is the best way to encourage connection. Experiential content is important in every online channel including Pay-per-click (PPC), search and social media. LinkedIn is one of those channels that benefit greatly from experiential content because users share the content they love.

Rich Media in Your LinkedIn Profile

The first step in grabbing attention in your summary is to make sure it shares the story you want to tell. Because LinkedIn is an SEO-rich website, content is still an important addition to your profile. However, think about how you can supplement your summary with rich media and experiential content.

Perhaps by adding visual slides that explain your product or business. Or perhaps using an eye-catching infographic that gives the viewer a quick look into your business. We process images much faster than text, so this is the perfect opportunity to grab attention in a matter of seconds.

The experience section in your profile is another perfect opportunity to use experiential content. Use visuals to highlight articles you’ve been featured in, slideshows of your work or links to online content you’re proud of.

When you’re updating content within LinkedIn, consider the way that information is viewed and shared. Engaging your audience through micro apps is an easy addition to your LinkedIn profile. Micro apps transform any interaction into an experience. When used in your profile, it’s the perfect way to showcase past projects and work history. These interactive experiences can be embedded into any website, including LinkedIn. See how we do it here.

Rich Media in Posts and Articles

Having a strong LinkedIn profile is important, but sharing useful, engaging content is essential as well. In any social media platform, including LinkedIn, sharing others’ content is a great way to engage and support users. This can include sharing articles, links and images that resonate with your values.

Creating your own unique and influential content with rich media is a great way to engage viewers. And it isn’t as difficult as you think! For example, create an image with content your audience is strongly connected to and you’ll see it will increase your shares. Instead of talking at your audience, consider providing valuable information they can interact with and benefit from.

In other words, change the way you communicate! Microapps create interactive content that sparks engagement through sharing, presenting and viewing content. With Tiled, you can enhance your LinkedIn content just by the way you present it. Let your viewers engage in a new way and you will be amazed at how effective your content becomes.

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