Turning Content into Conversations: Create Immersive Experiences for Your Virtual Sessions

February 8, 2023
Ty Nilsson
April 1, 2020

Recently many industry events have been canceled and trips to see customers have been postponed but these are critical touch points that help create lasting connections and drive business growth. With virtual meetings, conferences, and summits, end users can still find the content they need (thanks Internet!), but on the flip side, you’ve lost the opportunity to create an in-person emotional connection with your brand. What you would have been able to share with a customer or answer for a prospect during an in-person session just doesn’t come across the same when delivered on a screen.

We can all agree that remote, virtual, distributed, autonomous — whatever label it goes by — work can feel socially isolating. Whether that’s having conversations with your customers or employees, when that virtual barrier interjects the conversation, it prompts a certain level of disassociation. When we aren’t able to share in-person conversations and experiences with our customers and co-workers, that makes it even more important to enrich our digital experiences.

So, how can you engage customers with amazing content and create an experience that resonates when you are miles, states, and maybe even countries away? Check out the microapp below on tips we rely on for digital communication every day.

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1. Build fluid experiences that energizes customers

One-dimensional content doesn’t stand out in a world flooded with digital communication. When you move from building static content to brand experiences, you’ve upped the game. Immersive “choose your own adventure” stories that inform, educate and inspire action give you a chance to create a spontaneous, conversational experience more like the one you would have had at an event or trade show..

2. Content that matches the journey

As you consider translating your content into experiences, ensure that interaction context — such as location, recent purchases, past behaviors, and social shares — remains central to the purpose of the experience. Tiled captures engagement data from every interaction so your customer’s behavior provides valuable insights to help further conversations.

3. No-code digital storytelling on every device

Don’t just create content, create experiences, all along the customer journey and across every device and channel, for every interaction. Gartner predicted over 20.4 billion connected devices by 2020. We’re here, folks, so it’s time your content works on every interaction point your customer expects. With virtual conversations happening any and everywhere, your content experience should be there as well.

4. Consistent, not boring

Branded business-ready content ensures that a connected experience is delivered to customers as a consistent story, across channels and campaigns. Consider how you can share and embed your content  on multiple platforms, including marketing automation tools, to provide a continuous story across touchpoints.

Over the next few weeks, as more and more teams transition to having virtual conversations with customers,  many will need to consider serious pivots and re-think how to deliver immersive experiences effectively. Tiled is multi-purpose in nature – as a team, we can design, guide, create but our software is also be helpful for various teams:

  • Sales Training & Enablement – if you support or create content for these teams, Tiled is super intuitive, easy to manage, helps control brand and message while immersing users in the pathways you design for them. Our customers have created microapps to support  onboarding, leadership training, demos and pitch decks, in-store and experience-driven product catalog, and playbook creation.
  • Marketing & Customer Success – whether creating content from scratch or taking existing content, Marketing teams take the no-code benefit of Tiled to design experiences to match and address every customer touchpoint: infographics and buyer guides for demand generation, event experiences for event teams, playbooks and guides for product marketing, and customer engagement and retention applications (think newsletters, user guides, user group experiences, executive business review content – the list goes on and on)    

As external conditions continue to evolve, customer expectations for personalized experiences will continue to grow. Though it might not seem like it, this is a chance to build a genuine personal connection with your customers by continuing to support their journey, digitally. Now is a great time to iterate and refine your processes: don’t abandon the race, but see this as an opportunity to show innovative ways to engage your customers with your brand. It’s creative problem-solving when times are rough that truly make us competitive.

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Ty Nilsson
Sr. Director of Demand Generation at Tiled