Tiled + Adobe: Our new integration with Creative Cloud Libraries

February 8, 2023
Chase Lindsley

Tiled Asset Library Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries

Moving quickly while not diluting your brand experience is a key advantage when using Tiled to create engaging, interactive content. We hear this sentiment from our customers and partners almost daily. Speed is the name of the game, whether you use one of our templates to jump-start your microapp design, publish real-time updates to existing microapps, or want to create interactivity without needing a developer. The introduction of the Tiled Asset Library and integration with Adobe’s Creative Cloud Libraries provides designers the ability to work quickly and efficiently.

What if we told you, you could create microapps even faster? That you can share and access design components across microapps and design libraries, ensuring your microapps stay on brand? Say hello to Tiled's new Asset Library and the integration with Adobe’s Creative Cloud Libraries.

Access your Creative Cloud Libraries in Tiled

Our Creative Cloud integration simplifies your workflow by eliminating the need to import or reimport assets each time you build a new microapp or adaptive format. From the Tiled Asset Library, connect to your Adobe account and then choose which Creative Cloud library you want to synchronize with Tiled. Once the synchronization process is complete, the Creative Cloud library assets are now available within the Tiled builder.

Arnaud Viltard, VP of Product at Tiled, describes the benefits for customers this way:  

“Our main objective with this integration is to simplify and optimize how you can use assets to create, manage, organize and reuse microapps. This could be background images and videos, menu modals, stock imagery, or even navigation elements. By synchronizing your creative assets from Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries directly into Tiled, you’ll be more organized, faster, and more confident that you’re staying on brand in your microapp design. ”

Learn and iterate.

By leveraging the performance insights for your microapps, you have the power to make better decisions on how to improve the content and the experience for your users. Once your assets are updated in the Creative Cloud Libraries, synchronizing the new version updates the microapps using these assets. To roll out the updated microapp, just re-publish and share. From there, you’ll have control over the content your customers see and know how they consume it.

“I have been using the new integration with Creative Cloud Libraries the last few days. It is saving me so much time. I can see myself using this feature everyday for the foreseeable future.”

Nathan Madsen, UX/UI Design Manager at Vivint Smart Home

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We’re thrilled to deepen our integration with Adobe Creative Cloud by integrating with Creative Cloud Libraries. This builds on our integration with Adobe XD with our plugin that syncs designs made in XD to Tiled, adding rich media, videos and interactive elements to bring your microapps to life and our recent integration with Creative Cloud Libraries.

Want to learn how integrations with Creative Cloud Libraries help brands deliver consistent, cohesive experiences across every customer interaction? Check out Adobe’s latest blog post where Tiled is featured along with five other integrations that change the game for designers like you.

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