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February 8, 2023
Ella Madsen

If you’re in sales, you understand the frustration of un-prioritized time, misalignment with customers, and lost deals. Every step of the sales cycle requires focus, listening, and concise articulation. That’s exactly why we’ve created Tiled: a presentation software to help you sell with efficiency and effectiveness. Every step of the sales cycle is made easier with Tiled, and let me show you how:

1. Prospecting: How do I know if a lead is genuinely interested?

- Receive a notification every time a prospect opens a presentation you’ve sent them

- View analytics to see what pages they clicked on & for how long

- Focus on prospects who have engaged with the content vs. those who have ignored it

2. Qualifying: How do I uncover budget, authority, needs, and timeline?

- “App-like” experience personalized interactions

- Seeing the path viewers take gives tailored information to the salesperson

3. Pitching: How can I clearly articulate the value of my product?

- Crisp, engaging, & beautiful content creates credibility

- Embed media-rich material to show value in different ways (videos, testimonials, features, etc.)

4. Overcoming Objections: How do I handle opposition smoothly?

- Easily manage conversation by clicking around to different topics

- Eliminates wasted time of exiting screen to open other documents

5. Closing: How do I seal the deal?

- Custom calculators show $ value

- Link to external sites for next steps

As you can see, Tiled drives results for both inside and field sales by focusing on what matters most to the customer. Our product has enabled $40 million in revenue and has proven to increase close rates by 9%.

Let us help you close more deals, decrease your sales cycle timeline, and exceed your sales quota.

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Ella Madsen, Sales at Tiled

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Ella Madsen
Sales at Tiled