Silicon Slopes 2019

February 8, 2023
Olivia Gochnour
February 12, 2019
Pictured: Chase Lindsley (Director of Biz Dev at Tiled), Me, Darrell Swain (Founder of Tiled) and Mitch Rencher (Investor at Mercato Partners)

You may have heard of Silicon Slopes, founded by Josh James (Founder and CEO of Domo) to create a branding campaign surrounding Utah’s fast-growing tech scene.

I personally love being a part of the Silicon Slopes community and getting to work with so many great companies and start-ups here in Utah. A couple weeks ago, our Utah-based Tiled team had the privilege of attending Silicon Slopes Tech Summit for our third year to network, gain knowledge and leave feeling inspired from the many breakout sessions, speakers, workshops, and connections we made with others in the tech space. Here are a few highlights for me this year:

John Foley, CEO of Peloton

In Friday mornings general session, John spoke of his journey with Peloton and how he went from working at McDonald’s to growing Peloton into a $4 billion company. My favorite thing he mentioned is that he believes there is actually no such thing as balance- scheduling is everything. For an avid scheduler myself, it was refreshing to hear someone admit that sometimes life is a little too crazy to find any balance whatsoever.

Utah Sales Connect

Last October, I was invited to join the Utah Women in Sales team to help coordinate/manage all of their marketing efforts. After the Silicon Slopes events wrapped up on Thursday evening, we held an event with Lucidchart downtown SLC and heard from an incredible lineup of speakers. My favorite takeaway was from Lori Richardson, who spoke of the innate different qualities women possess compared to men where selling is actually to their advantage. At Utah Women in Sales, we are constantly trying to encourage women to enter into the workforce since, especially in Utah, the divide can be wide.

Arian, Founder of Kiln Space

While walking around the sponsorship booth hall, I enjoyed meeting Arian Lewis, founder of Kiln. I’ve enjoyed seeing the rise of co-working spaces across the valley and Kiln is the space we recently chose to establish our Utah office. Arian spoke of the valuable connection that comes from working alongside other businesses and like-minded people in the same space. From Chip Cookies Co to Freeplay, everyone has something to offer within the Kiln spaces and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working there.

Giving Back with Just Serve

And lastly, over the span of two days, volunteers at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2019 were able to assemble over one million meals for Utah children in need. Why do I love that so much? Because when you have 24,000 people gathered in the same building for 48 hours, why would you not capitalize on that and find a way to serve for good.

Were you at Silicon Slopes? I want to hear about your favorite events.

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Silicon Slopes
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Olivia Gochnour
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