5 reasons your sales presentations need to be interactive experiences

September 6, 2023
Jake Reni
June 5, 2019

Still using a static slide deck? It might be time for a refresh. Interaction is becoming more important than ever to increasing buyer engagement and understanding, and to stand out, you need to create an experience, not just give a speech. We created microapps to make creating these experiences easy, and we’ll give you five reasons they can make your sales presentations stronger than ever.

1. Scripted presentations < active conversations

Not only are scripts boring to listen to, they mean every customer is going to hear the same speech you give every other customer. We know all customers don’t have the same concerns, so why do we give presentations that don’t allow us to steer off the prepared path? Microapps are non-linear, so their choose-your-own-adventure pathways give flexibility a slide deck doesn’t. Instead of rattling off a script, microapps let you have an active conversation, where sales rep and buyer can together move through content that interests them.

2. Videos improve performance

People love videos. They’ve been shown to increase conversions by 86%, and almost 50% of internet users want to watch a video before they buy a product. But presentation decks don’t play well with videos. Clicking on a video removes you from the presentation experience, launches a web browser that hopefully loads, and then requires you to click back into your presentation file and start the slideshow again. Microapps eliminate that clunky experience and let you watch videos directly on the page, so you can see the benefits of video, motion graphics, and gifs as part of your conversation.

3. Enrich your content with interaction

Microapps behave like apps or websites, so you can add all sorts of features that will let your buyer actively engage with your content and drive the conversation. Things like image galleries, quizzes, interactive buttons and scrolls, give endless possibilities to make your microapps into an exciting resource to compliment your conversation.

4. Continue your learning after the call

With microapps, you can send your full experience to your prospects and see how they engage. This provides new insight into who is most interested, and what specifically they’re interested in, so you can be fully prepared to speak to their needs when you hop on a call. Can your presentation do that?

5. Update your brand experience

Think about how you want potential customers to feel about your company. Maybe you want to show them how innovative, or premium, or effective you are. The quality of your presentation is going to have an impact on how customers perceive the solutions you’re offering, and no one gets excited about another long Powerpoint. With microapps, however, you have a much more sleek, interactive experience, and you aren’t limited to linear slides of bullet points.

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Jake Reni
VP of Revenue at Tiled