Release Notes: Editors & Admins

February 8, 2023
Jake Reni
July 3, 2018

Calling all Editors & Admins!!! Here are some recently added features that help your organization get more out of Tiled.

Completion Events

Tiled offers a degree of insight and visibility into content engagement that cannot be found anywhere else. And we just got even better.

For Sales, our goal is to enable more meaningful conversations between your reps and customers. We do this fundamentally through interactive content that can adapt to conversations.

We also help achieve this through our analytics. Once content is shared with and engaged by a customer, the rep can see clearly into the path that the user takes through the content. We call this Pathway Insights.

Sometimes there are areas of content that indicate that the customer is truly interested in your product or service — be it a pricing page, a next steps page, a contact us page, or anything that you believe indicates the customer is engaged.

Now with Completion Events, you can set one of these pages as a “completion,” which triggers a “completion event” that notifies the rep when a customer views that page.

We believe this will help your reps to more efficiently follow up with their prospects and further help them prioritize their time on high value opportunities.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding even more ways to show customer engagement, including the Tiled Score. Stay tuned.

For Training and Internal Communication, we believe learning and mastery take place through repetition and deep engagement with content. With Tiled, learners keep coming back to the training content to deepen their understanding on specific concepts.

Completion Events for training and learning content provide training leadership another way to correlate ramp time and performance to a learner’s engagement with the content.

To add a completion event, simply edit a specific microapp, navigate to the page, and toggle on/off completion for that page, state or overlay.

Publishing Notes & Custom Notifications

When you publish a new microapp or update an existing one, you’ll have the option of sending a push notification with custom text. Try it now >

Enhanced Security & Internal-Only Designation

In the interest of security, Tiled now offers an “internal-only” designation for microapps. When designated as “internal-only,” the microapp can only be accessed by a person logged-in to their Tiled account with current credentials. Sharing is also disabled and we’ve added Screenshot Detection, which warns the user after a screenshot is taken that their admin has been notified. Try it now >

User Management & Okta Support

We continue to improve our user management and are now Okta-certified. Tiled can be found in the Okta App store with instructions on how to enable it for your organization. Please reach out to for more info.

Conversational Feedback & Microapp Insights

End the war between marketing and sales. In Team Engagement, you will see a red dot on a microapp that has unresolved feedback. Try it now >

Preview Links

For microapps that are works in progress or being iterated on, we’ve added a link that allows you to share the preview without publishing. In the builder, click “copy preview link” and be on your way. Try it now >

Email Template is Back

We’ve brought back the preset email template for sharing microapps. Make sure your account settings are setup properly. Try it now >


As always, we love feedback and conversations. Please email or contact your account rep with anything you need. Thanks for using Tiled!

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Jake Reni
VP of Revenue at Tiled