Recent Updates 6/4

February 8, 2023
Jake Reni
June 4, 2018

We’ve been working hard on new features and refinements you’ve requested. Here are a few important updates we’ve recently rolled out!

Improved MicroApp Download Speeds

The time to launch a microapp on the native app has been reduced by more than 10x in some cases.

New Video Streaming and Scrubbing

Video Streaming and Scrubbing are now available. For the video to be available offline, you can either keep the microapp open long enough for the videos to download or click download to device in the “three-dot menu” on the library.

Added Conversational Feedback

You can now share feedback directly with marketing.

Updated Sharing Flow

On iOS, implemented the native sharing sheet. Generate a link and share using whatever communication tool of your choice.

Broadcast a synced presentation from the native app

Launch a synced presentation directly from the native app. Start the broadcast from either the “three-dot menu” in the library or the pinch out.

Parity with the Native App

Greater parity between Tiled on the web and the native app. For sharing, generate a link and paste in whatever communication tool of your choice. Or send it via a preset email template by clicking “Share to many.”

Synced Presentations

A co-browsing presentation experience that allows you to have conversations around content.

Fixed Data Integrity Issues

Insights are more accurate and reliable than ever. Bug that caused some recipient session detail to not show is fixed. Also, a bug that showed inaccurate duration times is fixed.

The following is a list of new features and improvements for those who edit MicroApps

Auto-set Background on a Page

Drag image with same aspect ratio as a page into the builder and auto-sets background.

New MicroApp Aggregate Insights View

Access aggregate data and conversational feedback specific to a single MicroApp. Can be accessed through the “three-dot” menu in the library.

Set MicroApps as Internal Only

Turns sharing off and makes specific microapps accessible only to logged-in accounts.

Reorder and name states

Archive MicroApps

PDF Import bug fixes

Resend invitation emails to non-verified users with a single click

If you currently use Tiled, log in to check out the updates!

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Jake Reni
VP of Revenue at Tiled