Pharmaceutical E-Detailing Platforms [How to Make Them Interactive]

February 8, 2023
Jake Reni
September 10, 2020

In the past, e-detailing content in pharmaceuticals was a presentation or pamphlet with premade slides. They were rarely interactive, innovative, or as engaging as they could be. With Tiled, e-detailing becomes an interactive content experience delivering critical and informative content to healthcare professionals. Easily navigable and built to engage audiences, Tiled transforms reams of static information into powerful information.

What Is Detailing in Pharmaceuticals?

Pharmaceutical detailing is a way for pharmaceutical companies to educate physicians and other healthcare professionals and providers about their products and services.

The legacy way of detailing was a one-on-one meeting where a pharmaceutical marketer would share information through memorized sales briefs. With the change to e-detailing, the same presentation can be delivered as a premade set of slides.

What Is Remote Detailing?

Remote detailing makes it so that pharma marketers can still take on medical detailing but without having to make one-on-one calls to each healthcare professional. This removes the need for weeks of travel while still providing the pharmaceutical company with opportunities for detailing.

Instead of having to travel and give endless presentations, pharma representatives can share vital information through downloadable and shareable microapps. This makes it possible for healthcare professionals to explore the information at their own pace without sacrificing time from their busy schedules.

What Are the Benefits of E-Detailing?

1. Increased Engagement

With the old approach to detailing instructions and critical information for pharmaceutical use, healthcare professionals too often received what amounted to a boring lecture. Additionally, some companies would try to improve their presentations by offering free meals, samples, or other incentives. While these things attracted more attendees, they did not provide any educational value to the healthcare professionals.

With e-detailing, instead of getting a lecture full of slides to go through from beginning to end, professionals are given an interactive content experience to explore. They have the freedom to explore, search, and discover the information on their own time in a path that enables them to gain the knowledge they need, which in turn helps them to become fully invested in the product and recognize its potential.

2. Access Improved

Almost everyone in healthcare has a smart device, tablet, or phone. Interactive e-detailing allows companies to share information directly with professionals on their devices, whenever and wherever they need it.

3. Database of Information

E-detailing platforms provide all relevant information in one place. Rather than having to sort and sift through pages of research, side effects, and clinical studies, healthcare professionals have all the vital information in one convenient location.

4. Accurate and Updated Information

E-detailing through microapps ensures that all information is correct and up to date. If any data changes, it’s possible to update that information instantly and remotely. Any person who has access to the app and a connection to the internet will have the same information.

5. Target Complex Concepts

Healthcare professionals deal with intricate and complex problems every day. It’s unreasonable that a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company would carry the same depth of knowledge. But with microapps, complex concepts and concerns can be addressed without requiring the sales representative to be the only source for answers.

Pharma-Marketing Strategy

Doctors play a key role in the marketing strategy for most, if not all, pharmaceutical companies. After all, a recommendation from a licensed healthcare professional goes a long way.

The market for pharmaceutical products is always growing and changing, and it’s easy for physicians to become overwhelmed with information. Understandably, there’s just not enough time in the day to consider every possible option.

That’s where pharma marketing plays a role. If a physician is unfamiliar with a particular drug’s strengths or benefits, they are unlikely to prescribe that drug to a patient. Pharma marketing aims to educate physicians about new advancements and research in pharmaceuticals so they can make the best possible recommendations for their patients.

Tiled Microapps

Tiled specializes in creating innovative and interactive microapps that can act as a medium for  e-detailing assets and collateral. A microapp is a single content experience that engages audiences exceptionally well. Through Tiled, customizable e-detailing content and experiences can share a wealth of medical knowledge while engaging healthcare professionals.

Discover how Tiled has helped other companies organize and structure their information to improve engagement, increase accessibility, and share interactive content.

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