Our values: Balance.

February 8, 2023
Darrell Swain
August 21, 2019

To celebrate the uniqueness of us all, to find understanding and to connect. That is the purpose of Tiled.

As we continue to grow as a company and face the prospect of growing our team significantly, it’s important that we harden around a core set of values that have gotten us to where we are and will take us to where we aspire.  

The goal of this effort is not to heap a set of nebulous constructs on our team; rather, the following values have been extracted from decisions and conversations leading to this point and reflect what is already embedded in the DNA of our product and the relationships that we have with our customers and each other.

What we want to get away from is the idea that “A Great Company Culture” is a business objective and the end in and of itself. A great company is built by great people aligned around a common vision and values. You know it when you see it.

Our goal in delineating these values is to prepare ourselves to navigate the path ahead. Our hope is to illuminate our process to make future decisions easier; that when faced with a difficult choice, we have a set of values we can reference to help us act.

As we outline these values, we foremost build our company and each of these values on a foundation of trust in our team and our vision. We are creative and resourceful. We get things done with limited resources and little oversight. We understand visual expression is powerful and inspires action.

With that, our first core value is balance.


While we take pride in our work ethic and driving towards the summit of our craft, we also take pride in knowing that we’re aligning our time and priorities with the ultimate summit, to be surrounded on all sides by those who we love and are loved by.  

We believe that our relationships are the primary motivator and that at the summit of life, the relationships that we’ve fostered will be our greatest legacy. These relationships — our immediate  and extended families, our friends, our communities, our churches, our colleagues — these are the people (and furry friends) we intersect with daily. Call it family. Call it tribe. Whatever it is, we support the people that support us, and we believe achieving balance between work and family allows us to be our best selves and reach life’s summits.

Time is the most valuable thing we have. We seek to spend our time with gratitude in ways that feel meaningful as we build towards our goals at work and at home. Spending time to serve and contribute to the world around us is as vital to our pursuits as our personal and strategic goals. Whether that means volunteering for a cause that someone feels is important or writing code for an open source project, the avenues are manifold. The important part is that we show that we care through our blood, sweat and tears. Service means giving our time and leading by example.

Our desire for balance in life permeates our decision-making process. Often we see companies, as they grow, move from being laser focused on their goals to occupying a space where competing priorities lead to chaos. It’s at this point that a company starts making decisions based solely on the bottom line or fiduciary duty. To avoid this confusion, we believe that there needs to be a balance struck between the three anchors of the company: the employees, the customers and the shareholders. If every decision is placed on this three-way scale, we can ensure that the company continues to live by the core values of its employees while simultaneously delivering the best product to its customers and providing the greatest return to its shareholders.

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Darrell Swain
CEO at Tiled
Darrell Swain’s passion for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship inspired him to launch Tiled in 2016 with some founding partners. As CEO, he oversees every aspect of the company's strategy and success. Darrell has a history of successful startups. As co-founder of Lucid Chart, he led its growth from beta to hundreds of thousands of active users, securing the financing and developing the product along the way. His vision of Tiled has pushed our product and our company to new heights and new successes.