Meet the Tiled Score

February 8, 2023
Jake Reni
October 1, 2018

We’ve been talking about our latest feature for a while, and it’s finally here. Introducing: the Tiled Score.

What is it?

The Tiled Score is an engagement score designed to help you validate customer interest and prioritize accordingly. The scoring system helps measure the depth of recipient activity so your team can connect when it’s most meaningful.

How does it work?

We’ve created an algorithm that factors in several indicators of activity, including the number and duration of sessions, completion events, and screens visited to create an overall profile of interest.

The Tiled Score factors in how recently a recipient has interacted with your content as well as the depth of their interaction so you can keep an eye on your current highest-scorers. This means scores will be reduced with age to paint an accurate picture of customer interest

The Raw Score measures microapp engagement. Unlike the Tiled Score, the Raw Score will not change over time, so you can use this indicator to compare microapp performance and customer interaction even far in the future.

Great! How can I use it?

To try it out, navigate to the ‘My Engagement’ tab of the analytics section, where you’ll notice colored Tiled Score indicators in your Recipient Engagement panel. If you click on a recipient, you’ll be able to see the Raw Score measuring their microapp engagement.

Want to see it in action? Get in touch to enable engagement scoring in your account and understand your interactions better today.

Here at Tiled, we’re committed to helping businesses connect with their audiences in more engaging, meaningful ways. We believe engagement scoring can directly impact the way you do just that.

Thoughts? Feedback? Curious to learn more about Tiled? Visit and request a demo today.

Release Notes
Jake Reni
VP of Revenue at Tiled