Interview with Meredith LeSueur

February 8, 2023
Jake Reni
August 2, 2018

Sales Enablement Specialist at Snap Finance

Snap Finance is a digital-finance company based in Salt Lake City specializing in consumer financing and rent-to-own purchase options.

Meredith LeSueur is a Sales Enablement Specialist at Snap Finance and has been a Tiled user since May of 2017. We sat down with her this week to discuss how Tiled has impacted Snap Finance.

Tell us about Snap Finance before Tiled?

Before Tiled, we didn’t have one “go-to” place to get all the resources our sales team needed to reach our merchants. We used paper marketing brochures and a practice site, but everything was difficult for our team to track down. Almost every rep was creating their own PowerPoint presentations or similar resources which was frustrating for all of us, for many obvious reasons. Now we put everything on Tiled and update it in real-time, so our team doesn’t have to keep track of versions or spend time tracking down the most current presentations.

Why did using Tiled at Snap Finance interest you?

From the get-go, I was onboard with Tiled because I saw the benefits it added to our company. I knew that once people saw what Tiled could do more departments would come running (which they absolutely did). Right now, we are working on an all-new recruiting microapp to use both internally and externally, with a recruiting firm. We also just submitted a huge RFP response to a significant customer and created a microapp for them to access along with the printed binders. Our team members get so excited about having analytics on what pages have been viewed and when they’ve been viewed.

Has Tiled provided something you weren’t expecting it to?

I’m also really excited about the project management tool that Tiled has turned out to be. I’ve always been in a content coordination role, distilling messages and getting consensus from all stakeholders. It’s what I love to do! However, often it’s hard to get people to sit down together and agree, or even if you do, it can be difficult to envision the end product when it’s just words on paper. With Tiled, I can throw together a draft presentation easily with pictures and distribute it to all the involved parties via Tiled. It allows us to discuss the content and flow before we make the investment to get the thing done up right. That way, everyone is on the same page, and no one is needlessly resistant just because he or she is stuck on one word or can’t imagine how that table will look.

How has Tiled helped your sales team?

I love working with our sales team. They are so resourceful that without Tiled it probably would have been a lot harder to gain enough of their trust to start relying on us rather than themselves. Naturally, there was a little resistance at first. Nothing belligerent, just regular hesitation to change a process that they already know and maybe a little bit of fear of technology from our older reps. However, once the team saw the first microapp we built with Tiled, they were extremely receptive. Now they know we’ll have something that fits their needs and helps them with their job.

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