Interview with Josh Smith, VP of Marketing at Alder

February 8, 2023
Olivia Gochnour
March 22, 2018

Did you feel like Alder was struggling to distribute video, podcasts, trainings and materials before Tiled?

Oh yeah, 100%. The best part of Tiled is all of the resources. Our reps can pick and choose what they want to share with the customer. From our headquarters, we can give the reps exactly what materials we want them to have in an instant. Before Tiled, we honestly just used printed slicks. Our guys would carry around a binder with laminated sales slicks. When we were introduced to Tiled, we took the concept of what we were already doing and put it into a much simpler interface that has saved us so much time and money. We are now able to push our content so much quicker across many different areas of our business.

What other parts of Alder is Tiled impacting now that you are more digital and more progressive?

Tiled is now a platform that we use for big conference calls, presentations across the country showcasing our business, recruiting new teams, the list goes on and on. It’s our presentation platform and the new broadcasting feature allows us to display more content in a more simple matter that everyone understands how to use. Also, due to the the new screen-sharing feature with Tiled, we’re now focusing way more on videos because we’ve already seen the great impact they’ve had.

If you didn’t use Tiled, what would you be using?

Before Tiled, we used YouTube, Vimeo and GroupMe to distribute content and still, we never felt like the content was reaching our audience. We couldn’t track who exactly was even watching what we would put out. Now with Tiled, we have one platform to distribute all our content. I’m now able to see which rep or employee uses the materials the most which is extremely helpful when it comes to performance analyses etc.

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Olivia Gochnour
Head of People Ops at Tiled