Inside Sales’ New Secret Weapon

February 8, 2023
Chase Lindsley
February 18, 2019

With interactive microapps, co-browsing, and our new screensharing with audio feature, Tiled is a potential game-changer for anyone having conversations online.

Tiled helps businesses increase customer engagement with microapps that transform traditionally static content into interactive experiences.

What we continue to hear is that Tiled makes sales teams better. By using a microapp as a visual base for a two-way interaction, sales pitches can turn into true conversations. Tiled makes conversations smarter, more interactive and more effective because they are focused on the actual content and let both sides learn from the other. We bring the adaptability of real-world interactions to the inside sales experience.

Inside sales teams host product demos and sales meetings online — Tiled can help turn these into valuable person-to-person conversations. If you’ve ever worked in inside sales, you know that getting your buyer’s attention is not only difficult but crucial to your success. Microapps are designed for organic flow unlike linear presentations, and with co-browsing in Tiled, sales reps and customers can drive the discussion together. That way, sales reps don’t have to worry about how to hold attention during a long pitch, but can let conversations work their magic.

Co-browsing: the ability to let both the presenter and the viewer drive both screens by clicking a microapp in real time. We’ll be honest: it’s pretty cool.

With Tiled, in addition to co-browsing and synced microapp presentations, users can share their entire screen in real-time. Since these conversations happen over long distances online or on the phone, screensharing now integrates audio experience as well. This works great for sales calls, webinars, and any long distance conversations (we use it for our weekly team meetings at HQ).

So, we interviewed one of resident sales experts here at Tiled: Sean Richards, Tiled Account Executive. We talked to him about how he uses microapps and how our new screensharing feature improves his sales flow.

Tell us about how you use Tiled.

SR: I use Tiled for 100% of my conversations — I really do. Even when I talk to people on the phone, I send microapps, or I’ll email some examples and see how people interact and what content they’re reviewing. Then, if they’re available, we’ll dive into Tiled on a screenshare right away, or I’ll schedule a time and just send out a link. It makes it really easy.

You’ve had early access to screensharing with audio. How does that affect your work?

SR: I use it every day. It’s truly conversation software: I love having visuals while I’m demonstrating something instead of just a phone call. And it’s great because a lot of other tools require the person I’m talking with to download something or dial in to a number and there can be a lot of disconnect there, but with Tiled they can just click on a link and get started.

What do you use it for?

SR: Everything from discovery calls to product demos. I love screensharing because I can step back into the company admin view to show off analytics, stats, and other web pages or microapps, not just one specific presentation. It’s definitely changed how I demo our product.

Do you have any tips for screensharing with Tiled?

SR: Like I said, we use it for everything around here. Multiple people can join a Tiled room, so we use it for all our conference calls. It’s great for going deep into demos too, since we can show multiple programs, not just Tiled. I think it’s crucial to give people a visual of what your product does and the possibilities in order to do it justice.

Aside from screensharing, what’s your favorite thing about Tiled?

SR: Pathway analytics is huge — one of the reasons why I fell in love with Tiled. You are able to better understand your buyer by seeing how they engage with your content. There are lots of marketing lead scoring tools, but this goes a level deeper to see what they’re most interested in and viewing more frequently.

Try selling with microapps for yourself. Visit us at or on LinkedIn or Twitter to get in touch and start a free trial.

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Chase Lindsley
Director of Business Development & Alliances at Tiled