How to Create Interactive Visual Experiences That Inspire Sales

February 8, 2023
Jake Reni
November 18, 2020

What is an interactive content format? It is any digital content that is designed to be engaging and helps brands to tell much more immersive stories. Interaction can take place through clicking, watching, listening, drag and dropping, assessing via quizzes and polls, or even scrolling through the content.

Interactive content improves the way we respond to information. While a wall of text or a giant chart might be the traditional format for sharing information, it’s not always emotionally impactful. Interactive visuals ensure that information is easier to grasp and connect with. They encourage people to become active learners (and participants!).

Why Make Interactive Visuals?

Interactive visuals bring more to the table than a fancy visual or a catchy graphic. Here are five reasons you should make interactive visuals.

1. Better Retention of Information

People remember better when they interact with information. We can recall 80% of interactive info. Compare that to the 30% recall rate of information that is just read and the even worse 10% rate of remembering information we hear.

2. More Persuasive Sales Materials

Interactive content lets customers and clients see for themselves what your product or service offers. You can talk less and see your customers smiling more when you share the right content at the right time, in an interactive format.

3. Stand Out from Competitors

Interactive documents make your brand memorable. Companies using media and sales tactics that are decades old all feel the same and start to blur together. Customers won’t remember a basic slide deck, but they will remember an immersive, modern approach to content.

4. Capture Customers’ Attention

There’s always a chance that a customer watching a sales presentation could get bored. Their mind will wander to anything else if you give them the chance. Instead, make your leads an active part of the sale as they explore and discover information throughout the interactive experience.

5. Faster Onboarding of New Sales Reps

It can take time to get new sales reps up to speed on all of the facts and figures they need to know. By creating interactive visuals your sales reps can use during any type of sales conversation, you empower them to put customers in the driver’s seat.

How to Create Interactive Visuals

How do you make an interactive visual? Here are five interactive content ideas that can help you make better content.

1. Make Sure Text Supplements Images

When it comes to interactive content, text is only there to support the visual, not the other way around. The focal point is the visual.

There are times where text is necessary. In those circumstances, keep the text brief, straightforward, and easy to understand.

One way to avoid large walls of text is with media. Having a voiceover explaining a page or even a video that the customer can interact with can be a smoother way to incorporate information without using text.

2. Add Clear Instructions

If you want your customer to interact with your visuals, you have to give them clear and obvious directions. They might not know they can tap, scroll, explore, or do more unless you explain it to them.

All directions should be included in the presentation. There should be no need for any outside training to know how to best use the interactive media.

3. Limit Yourself to One Idea Per Page

Make each idea simple and straightforward. Each visual should focus on one topic. When you jumble together topics and try to put too much on one page, you overwhelm your audience.

Think of your interactive content in layers. The highest layer, the one seen first by a customer, should be broad and easy to digest. If they want more detailed information, they can explore deeper layers, diving deeper and deeper at their own pace.

4. Encourage Multiple Uses

Reusable interactive content like a calculator or quiz can motivate users to go through the same content multiple times to explore different results. With multiple uses, customers are exposed to the information several times, leading to higher retention rates and increased brand familiarity.

5. Create Ease of Use for Everyone

Small additions that are often overlooked, like subtitles in video clips, make your interactive content something that everyone can appreciate. Incorporate accessibility options so all potential customers can enjoy the experience.

Tiled Can Help

The Tiled platform allows anyone to build interactive designs that attract customers and make sales. Request your Tiled demo to see how we can help you today.

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