Here’s to Iteration

Ben Parker
Designer at Mondays
December 4, 2017
April 22, 2022

Through all schools of design, the methodology of “iterative design” is widely adopted. This is the process by which you build, test, analyze, refine, and then repeat. In terms of creation of digital products, this process is incredibly important.

Today’s platforms to publish content hinder the process of quick iteration. In mobile app development, developers must re-submit updates through the app store, and wait for users to update their apps. In web development, developers can publish content quicker, however it still requires new design, development, and then publication.

Tiled allows you to instantly design and update across all devices. There’s no development, or waiting. It’s instant. This means you can iterate like never before.

What does that translate to? It means the following:

1. Build Your Campaign

2. Publish to Your Audience

3. Analyze Data collected through Tiled Analytics

4. Instantly Refine your Design

5. Re-Publish & Repeat to your heart’s content

Move quickly with your team to get the best product to your users, and audience by iterating through Tiled.

Ben Parker

Designer at Tiled

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Ben Parker
Designer at Mondays