Conversation-based Selling with Tiled

February 8, 2023
Chase Lindsley
July 12, 2017

Everything we do at Tiled revolves around helping you attain a deeper connection with your customers. We provide rich and unique insights that haven’t been available previously but are absolutely vital to delivering the best sales experience possible to the modern day consumer.

If you’re not familiar with us, Tiled allows sales and marketing teams to quickly create interactive sales presentations (or, dare I say, better PowerPoints) that can be easily shared, tracked, and measured.

When I personally use Tiled to sell, my presentations are no longer structured by the order of my slides. Instead, I can cater to the individual needs of my customer by navigating the presentation materials based on their unique nature and interests. This sense of freedom allows me to take control of the sales process as I share our value proposition uniquely to each customer I interact with.

Tiled also helps me build deeper relationships with my clients. They appreciate that they can revisit the sections of my presentation that resonated with them the most, even after our meeting is over.

Most importantly, the insights that Tiled delivers allow me to monitor immediate customer behavior by tracking their engagement (when they open up the material, how often, their unique pathway, etc.). I’m more efficient as I’m able to focus my sales efforts on lower hanging fruit.

Our team at Tiled is constantly releasing new features to improve the customer journey. We truly believe that our product not only matches, but allows you to be a few steps ahead of the modern day consumer.

Chase Lindsley

Director of Business Development at Tiled

Business Strategy
Chase Lindsley
Director of Business Development & Alliances at Tiled