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Jake Reni
VP of Revenue at Tiled
August 31, 2017
February 8, 2023

The ability to incorporate one software into various areas of a business is what makes Tiled unique. The possibilities and applications that can be created with Tiled are truly endless, but in this post we are going to highlight three primary applications where Tiled can enhance your business.

Sales Presentations


Tiled is at the intersection of 3 prevailing trends

Tiled is helping customers from a variety of industries grow their sales. In fact, 92% of sales reps who use Tiled say they have closed a deal that they would not have closed otherwise without Tiled. Customers now understand our clients products better than ever with visuals, videos, and interactive content they can’t get anywhere else. With rich analytics, reps can see in real-time how their customers are interacting with the materials given to them which helps close leads quicker.


Get your new employees up to speed faster with Tiled. With a customized microapp, you can walk your trainees through hundreds of videos, training podcasts, games, and hours of educational content to help your new reps be the best they can be. Help educate and add incentives to motivate and retain your employees.


Help recruit new members to your company in a way they won’t forget. You can now visually show recruits, interactively, why your company stands out and how they will positively grow to be an incredible asset to your company.

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Jake Reni
VP of Revenue at Tiled