Adapting in a Changing World: Learn How to Sell Online

February 8, 2023
Jake Reni
March 25, 2020

The rapidly changing environment for many industries is drastically changing how we need to do business. Moving your field sales to a completely online experience can be hard to do without the right virtual training. From how to set up your online work environment to engaging your audience when you can’t read their body language to building impactful proposals, these step-by-step educational videos are packed with solutions to common challenges and provide  actionable takeaways for both novices and experts.

Winning by Design, a leading expert in developing customer-centric processes for sales organizations, in partnership with Tiled and Seismic, bring you and your field sales team valuable frameworks and tips in pivoting to sell and engage customers online.

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Overview of Videos & Blueprint Descriptions

Set Up Your Online Work Environment

Learn best practices for setting up your home/remote office, common challenges to watch out for (there are three!), virtual backgrounds, lighting, dress code, and camera tips and tricks.

  • Best use of lights and how to work with what you have
  • How to use a virtual background (Hint: Winning by Design offers a free template)
  • Dos and don’ts of online business meetings

Leveraging Online Tools

We know how easy it is for webinar attendees to tune out, so how can you make your sales meeting or demo any better? This course features tips on how to facilitate your remote sessions, how to use a whiteboard effectively, and more.

  • Best use of screenshare and how to make it engaging
  • How to use a shared document to take notes
  • Sharing customers’ websites instead of a logo slide

How to Conduct an Online Meeting

Learn the best ways to make a great impression in your first meeting and simple rules of engagement, including what to do if someone takes up too much of the meeting time with their own agenda.

  • How to stay on time with online meetings–and why it’s important
  • How to engage the audience
  • How to close the meeting–“Connecting the Wagons”

How to Develop Relationships Online

Just as you navigate in-person sales meetings, learn how to apply the principles of identifying who plays what role, what tools to use, and how to navigate the organization in an online meeting environment.

  • The buyer center framework
  • How to use online tools
  • How to keep meetings short and to the point

How to Do an Online Demo

Learn the best tips for storytelling, how to categorize content correctly, and make sure the demo is still valuable for your organization.

  • How to present an online demo or pitch with storytelling
  • How to categorize topics and manage each independently
  • How to connect to the proposal or POC

How to Run an Online Stakeholder Meeting

Learn how to set up your stakeholder meetings correctly (with online table seating), how to use an influencer to unblock the sale, and navigate from what is or what could be to an exciting partnership in the future.

  • How to engage everyone and understand what they want from the meeting
  • How to build an interactive presentation
  • How to apply downhill selling, identify the gatekeeper, and use an influencer to unblock

Building an Impact Proposal

Learn the three key moments to price, how to go from email quote to proposal, and the best practices for comments and the Q&A section, all modified for a completely virtual experience.

  • How to master visuals to explain your offering
  • How to use the executive summary to sell internally and help the client to sell
  • How to use 3 key moments to price

Online Team Meetings

Map out your weekly meetings and implement a culture of coaching across your team. This course teaches you how to get started with impactful feedback to and from your team.

  • How to use a framework to provide feedback on process vs. execution
  • How to provide valuable coaching to your team
  • How to apply weekly team meetings to maximize what works

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