5 Ways You Can Use Interactive Content to Impact Your Business

February 8, 2023
Jake Reni
June 5, 2019

Interactive content has been proven as one of the best ways to engage potential customers, but most marketers say that only around 10% of their content is interactive. If you’re looking to expand your interaction, but don’t know where to start, try out one of these use cases.

1. Train your employees faster with neural coupling

It’s been proven: if you can engage your audience with a two-way narrative, their brains engage better and retain more information through a process called neural coupling. This is particularly meaningful when training your employees. Use interactive content to replace long printed or PDF playbooks with interactive journeys with videos, quizzes, and self-guided pathways through content to create a two-way experience and improve retention.

2. Improve your onboarding experience

No one likes being greeted with a pile of paperwork on their first day. Transform that experience into an interactive one to showcase your brand, highlight top priorities items, and make your new hires feel more welcome.

3. Host events with interactive agendas and more

Hosting a conference or team meet-up? Instead of paper maps or emailed agendas, make them interactive to enhance the experience with highlight videos, sponsor content, links to nearby amenities, and more. Check out the microapp above for one example.

4. Defend your marketing ROI

According to Forrester, only 21% of B2B marketers report tracking their content ROI. With interactive content, you can see every action your viewers take as they engage with your material, so you have countless new opportunities to see what messaging and content performs best.

5. Learn from your customer behavior

Instead of emailing out PDFs or handing prospects brochures, sales teams can now send microapps and learn who is most engaged and what their interest is. This way, your content takes the guesswork out of sales so your team can spend more time where it counts.

These certainly aren’t the only use cases for interactive experiences. Check out our showcase account to see all sorts of interactive microapps built without code by our customers and team, or get in touch to talk to a specialist about what you can do with interactive content.

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Jake Reni
VP of Revenue at Tiled