September 7, 2023

September 2023 Release

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Welcome to the September Release!

New microapp creation flow and feature enhancements



PDF Flow

What is it?

Admins and editors will experience a new more simplified microapp creation flow starting with the blue plus icon in the Library. Users can choose between Start from PDF, Pick a template, and Create from scratch. If you start from a PDF, you can drag and drop or browse files for an existing PDF to convert to a microapp.

What’s in it for you?

Simply put, have as close to a production ready microapp after upload as possible. Speed up your microapp creation by leveraging your existing PDF content. The system will not only convert your PDF to a microapp it will allow you to by-pass additional microapp configuration such as microapp size and name. It will also add default navigation when viewed. All you need to do is hit Publish.

How to get started?

Create a microapp from a PDF

Honorable Mentions

Import microapps with custom font support

You can now import microapps to different Tiled accounts without losing your custom fonts regardless if they exist in the account. After importing a microapp with custom fonts, the font will be automatically uploaded in Font Management. This ensures wherever the microapp is viewed and shared the font stays consistent. Learn more.

Export microapps directly

Spend less time waiting on your microapp export. Admins and Editors can now have microapps instantly download if the microapp has met two pieces of criteria:

β€’ Microapp was previously downloaded

β€’ Microapp has not been published since it was last downloaded

Learn more.

Archived microapps

Now, microapps that are archived will no longer have active share links regardless of when they were shared. However, if a microapp is unarchived the previous share links will become active again and the microapp will be accessible through those links. Learn more.