September 13, 2022

September 2022 Release

2 features ✨ • 2 bugs 🐛 • 1 improvement ➕

Welcome to our September release!
Our two biggest releases of the year include an introduction to the next wave of tailored content and new management capability to extend your usage of Tiled across departments and/or use cases.



  What is it?

  The introduction of Personalization is geared to set up both business users and microapp creators for success and change how audiences engage and   connects with microapps. We have created user-friendly inline editing capabilities when personalizing a microapp and a new and improved UI/UX in   the viewer and builder.

  What’s in it for you?

  It’s simple, with the new personalization capabilities, business users can easily create “just in time” personalized content by simply filling in the blanks.   This provides a more efficient workflow, where editors can spend more time creating new content and base users can spend more time prospecting.

  Base users can seamlessly add custom content and context by uploading from their device or using URL links. We are opening a door to further   empower base users to no longer depend on editors, while still creating guardrails to ensure the overall brand is not jeopardized.

  How to get started?

  Start creating your dynamic microapps → How to create dynamic elements

  Start creating your personalized instance → How to create personalized instances of a microapp

  Get answers to your questions → Personalization FAQ

Multi Library

  What is it?

  Multi-Library is a new configuration of Tiled available to customers in the Enterprise Tier and above. It allows for much greater flexibility and team   enablement within Tiled by allowing users to be part of multiple libraries with different permissions and access to each one.

  For example, a user could be a Base User in Library 1 but have full administration rights in Library 2.

  What’s in it for you?

  The Multi-Library functionality adds several different schemas with which to utilize your Tiled account. A few of them include:   

  • The ability to have several unrelated teams or departments using a single organization Tiled account without impacting one another. You would simply add users from the same department to their library and everyone can use the Tiled application seamlessly
  • The ability to have multiple partners or customers managed in one account that is separate from one another. Suppose you are a design agency, for example, it allows for separating out each customer into their own library along with all their relevant assets and branding materials without worrying about it overflowing into another customer’s microapps.

  How to get started?

  • To get Multi-Library enabled for your account, reach out to your Tiled Account Rep.
  • See a video overview here
  • See overview and FAQ here


  Deep-linking with SSO for Okta

   Accounts leveraging the universal link in Microapp Settings will notice the following new workflow for their users:

  • Universal links will take Tiled users to the Tiled login page, where users can select Okta to be authenticated
  • Tiled users will use their normal Okta login to get authenticated
  • Once authenticated, Tiled users will be dropped directly into the microapp
  • Tiled user session information will be captured in engagement analytics

  Tiled Re-brand

  You may have noticed we’ve rebranded! You should see updated Tiled logo across our platform.

  Note: Mobile updates by the end of September

Honorable Mentions

  Disappearing Assets

  Assets are no longer disappearing in the builder when editing or switching between instances.


  Users can scroll smoothly again in a microapp whether they are on desktop or the mobile app.