October 4, 2023

October 2023 Release

1 feature ✨ 1 honorable mentions 🎖 2 bugs 🐞

Welcome to the October Release!

This month we did more with page-level linking and including small enhancements.


External Page-level Linking

What is it?

In July, we released internal page-level linking to allow Tiled users to share the URL to a specific microapp page, state, or overlay with other Tiled users. Today, we are releasing external page-level linking. This allows you to share a specific microapp page, state, or overlay with non-Tiled users.

Each page in your microapp has a unique URL to ensure it links back to the desired page. To share a microapp page externally simply do the following:

  • Open a microapp from the library
  • Navigate to your desired page, state, or overly
  • Click the ‘Share’ buttonFill out the necessary share information
  • Select ‘Link to current microapp page’
  • Copy the link

What’s in it for you?

Use page-level links to easily get to and save specific information in a microapp as well as bookmarking and having a link in central resource location.

How to get started?

Page-Level Linking

Honorable Mentions

View All Dynamic Fields

We have introduced the ability for users to edit dynamic fields within scroll tiles from the View All Dynamic Fields panel. This means users personalizing an instance have two places to make dynamic field updates when dealing with a scroll tile.

Bug Fixes

PDF import error

You will no longer have issues importing a PDF with a .PDF or .pdf extension.

Hover states getting stuck

Hover states are no longer getting stuck for the end user.