October 4, 2022

October 2022 Release

4 features ✨ • 5 Honorable Mentions 🎖

Welcome to our October release!
To accompany last month's release we've made some awesome enhancements for the most optimal experience.


Introducing auto-filled variables for text

  What is it?

   We’ve converted the most commonly used text values in microapps into auto-filled variables.

   The text tile supports auto-filling the following common text values for personalized and non-personalized microapps:

    • Tiled user’s name

    • Tiled user’s email

    • Recipient’s name

    • Recipient’s email

  What’s in it for you?

   Editors, save some time and reduce complexity while building. You no longer have to create separate text tiles for static and dynamic text. You no longer    have to create a dynamic text field to add a little personalization.

   Base users, are you editing a welcome introduction or some company information text in a personalized microapp? Could it be better if you could add    the name or email    of the recipient? Now you can, without having to go back to your editor.

  How to get started?

   How to add auto-filled variables

Instance specific session data

  What is it?

   With the release of Personalization, we have also made an update where session data is at the instance level. The following updates are on a go-forward    basis for microapps with Personalization:

    • The instance name is appended at the end of the microapp name, throughout the engagement analytics page

    • CSV export includes the instance name and instance id

    • Pathway Analytics displays the microapp screens associated with the instance

  What’s in it for you?

   Not only do you get insights into how a particular microapp is performing, but you can also drill down and discover how different recipients are    interacting with a particular instance of that microapp.

   This additional layer of information allows you to start taking action at the instance level.

  How to get started?

   Personalization Analytics here

Multi Library Search

  What is it?

  Gone are the days of wondering where that one microapp (you know you just saw it) is located. We’ve introduced a global search mechanism where   results will show for both the library you are currently in, but also any other library you have access to. The microapp is accessible directly from search so   you can immediately get to it.

  What’s in it for you?

  This should greatly speed up the time it takes to find a given microapp, especially if you have access to multiple libraries.

Honorable Mentions

  Mobile App update

   If you are not already on the newest version of the mobile app on iOS and Android you should be. Update to version 3.0.0 for Tiled logo updates,    support for multi-library, MAJOR performance improvements for faster load time while navigating the app, bug fixes improving experience around font    loading, network connectivity, and cover images.

  Duplicating microapps with Personalization

   You can duplicate a microapp with Personalization and maintain the dynamic fields and their default values (if any).

  Hotspot Flashing

   When viewing a published microapp from within Tiled, valid hotspots will flash briefly when you click anywhere on a microapp page that doesn’t have    an action associated with it.

  Better Categories

   Categories can now be expanded and collapsed as well as show you how many microapps are in each one.

  Avatar Profile

   You can now upload your own profile picture! We have deprecated our Gravatar integration.