October 12, 2021

October 2021 Release

1 features ✨ • 4 bugs 🐛

Welcome to our October release!

We are committed to meeting microapp creators where they’re at and this month proves it. We have made significant improvements to the Tiled plugin for Adobe XD and Sketch that will streamline your workflow and minimize your time spent toggling between design tools and Tiled.


Smarter Design Plugin

What is it?

In short, the upgrade to Adobe XD and Sketch plugins include the following:
     • Syncing logic that is intuitive enough to know what adaptive format your artboards         should sync to
     • Ability to create and assign Tiled categories from the plugin
     • Easier access to microapp templates
     • Visual update providing a cleaner and well-organized information hierarchy

What’s in it for you?

Envision taking fewer steps to do what you do today without disrupting your design flow in your design tool of choice. Let the plugin do the thinking while you maintain your design flow.

     Adaptive format syncing

     Do a little less clicking and a lot more focusing on design. Our smart syncing process      enables you to feel confident your artboards are syncing to the right adaptive format and      requires fewer steps.

     • For unsynced artboards, the plugin will detect the artboard size and pre-select the      adaptive format it matches to

     • For synced artboards, the plugin will remember the adaptive format it was previously      synced to, at the artboard level, not the design file level

     • For any artboard, the plugin will detect the artboard size that matches the Tiled cover      image (252x112) and automatically configure it as a microapp cover in Tiled

     Category organization

     While creating a new microapp from the design plugins, you can organize where your new      microapp lives in the Tiled Library by:

     • Creating new Tiled categories

     • Assigning existing Tiled categories

     Template access

     If you are looking for a little inspiration, you will see a new CTA to easily access microapp      templates directly from the design plugins.

     Visual overhaul

     Discover an improved visual layout with a better information hierarchy allowing you to:

     • Quickly create new microapps

     • Instantly confirm what email account you are logged into to prevent any mistakes

How to get started?

Check out this link → Tiled plugin: How to assign new microapps to a Tiled category in Adobe XD and Sketch

Check out this link → Tiled plugin: How syncing  works in Adobe XD and Sketch
Check out this link → Tiled plugin syncing FAQ

Honorable Mentions

Scroll tile

Double-clicking now opens the scrolling canvas editor

Microapp viewer

When viewing a microapp in your Tiled account, the back button takes you back to the library again


Adding microapps to categories works again when using Firefox web browser

On-prem customers

On-premise customers with their own custom asset storage solution should no longer have issues changing cover images in the builder, if/when the cover image interface is enabled