November 8, 2022

November 2022 Release

2 features ✨ • 4 Honorable Mentions 🎖

Welcome to the November release!

We've added additional features for personalized microapps to increase efficiency around instance creation.


Duplicating instances

  What is it?

   Microapps with personalization will now have a new option where users can duplicate a previously created instance and have all of the assets    duplicated as well.

  What’s in it for you?

   Have you ever created more than one instance for a single microapp where the majority of the dynamic fields are the same? Duplicating instances is    here to ease the process and help you quickly create instances, where you can take a pre-existing instance and duplicate it with the assets. You only    have to worry about updating assets that need to be changed.

  How to get started?

   Read more about duplicating instances here

Required dynamic elements

  What is it?

   A new feature within the microapp settings modal allowing editors to control what dynamic fields must be personalized in a microapp before a user can    share an instance.

  What’s in it for you?

   In general, we've decreased the time it takes from instance creation to instance share.

   If you are an admin or editor, help instance creators quickly identify and fill out only the necessary dynamic elements before sharing a microapp.

   If you are a base user, stay focused on the most important dynamic elements instead of being overwhelmed.

  How to get started?

   Read more about required dynamic elements here

Honorable Mentions

  Microapp Import/Export

   Accounts with the import and export feature enabled can now take a personalized microapp and import it while maintaining the dynamic fields and    associated default assets.

  Public API update for personalization

   You can now create and update personalization instances using the public API

  Microapp link in the builder

   Editors now have a path to view their microapp from the builder by clicking the new "View" link on the publish button.

  More tooltips

   Users can hover over the following items in the Library and see tooltip descriptions: long microapp names, search icon, sort icon, categories icon, and    new microapp creation icon