June 6, 2023

June 2023 Release

3 features ✨ 1 Bug Fix 🐞

Welcome to the June Release!

Check out the new capabilities around microapp tags and templates.


Search for tags

What is it?

An additional way to find the microapps you are looking for. The new search bar has been updated to include a tag filter section. You can select one or more tags to filter by. If you select more than one tag, microapps across libraries with both tags will be displayed in the results.

What’s in it for you?

Tags are here to help you not only organize your library, but to help you find the microapps you love most, faster. This will come in handy as your library grows and you want to filter your searches by helpful tags such as adaptive format, use case, personalization, and any custom tags you have created in your account. Similar to searching for microapps using key words, the filtering feature for tags will filter across libraries.

There are two ways to filter your microapp search by tags:

  • Use the filter dropdown in the search bar and select one or more tags
  • Click one or more tags displayed under any of the microapp cover images in the Library

How to get started?

Search for microapps

Adding tags

Custom Templates

What is it?

We're thrilled to announce the addition of custom microapp templates, allowing you to create your own templates for seamless microapp creation. With our new feature, users can harness the power of pre-designed microapp templates to swiftly generate dynamic content. Simply, assign a new library as your custom templates library and see the templates in the microapp creation dialog.

What’s in it for you?

  • Speed - Utilize custom templates during microapp creation for quick and efficient content generation.
  • Streamlined workflow - All custom templates must be linked to a design file. This means microapp creators can go into their design tool and change the small things like logos or colors, because the main structure of the template is already built.  
  • Inspiration - You can better empower your microapp creators to effortlessly produce engaging content that captivates their audience. Transforming static content into dynamic experiences becomes a breeze, enabling you to expand your microapp template library and unlock endless possibilities.

How to get started?

Custom Microapp Templates

Publish Modal

What is it?

We’ve been updating the publish modal to make steps in the the publish process easier. Admins and Editors now have the following additional options:

  • Ability to add tags to the microapp right before publishing
  • Ability to include all microapp adaptive formats for publish

After publishing Admins and Editors can now share the microapp without having to head back to the Library or Viewer.

What’s in it for you?

Admins and Editors can do more before and after publishing, while still saving time if there is more than one adaptive format to publish. There is no need to leave the builder to perform the major microapp flows of sharing or viewing.

How to get started?

Publish a microapp

Bug Fixes

Lottie tile within scroll

  • Lotties continue to loop as normal when scrolling within the scroll tile
  • Lotties work on mobile web browsers now

Small UI fixes

  • Microapp search fixes and various UI fixes

Honorable Mentions

Library Load Time

Whether you have one or more libraries, you'll notice they are all loading faster than ever!

Native App

3.0.5 release version is available includes the following improvements:

  • Support for deep linking microapps living in accounts with libraries
  • Bug fixes related to deep links, push notifications, and legacy navigation

User Management

Check out the new improvements to the User Management screen on the account level and User tab on the library level

  • visual indicator displaying the number of unverified users on the account and library level
  • ability to bulk send welcome emails to unverified users on the account level
  • ability to bulk move users to a group or role