July 12, 2023

July 2023 Release

2 features ✨

Welcome to the July Release!

Check out the new capabilities around page level links and custom date ranges for analytics.


Page-level Links

What is it?

You now have the ability to internally link directly to a specific page, state, or overlay on a given microapp by copying the URL for the page you are viewing. Each page in your microapp has a unique URL to ensure it links back to the desired page. Here are the steps to copy a page-level link:

• Open a microapp from your Tiled library to view

• Locate your desired page, state, or overlay

• Copy the web URLShare the URL with another Tiled user

Note: Personalization page-level links are coming soon.

What’s in it for you?

Use page-level links to easily get to and save specific information in a microapp as well as bookmarking and having a link in central resource location

How to get started?

Page Level Links

Custom Date Ranges

What is it?

You can now customize the date range when pulling analytics information for your account. This will allow you to have more flexibility to only pull the data you want beyond a single month. To start, head over to the Engagements tab in your account and click the Export CSV button. When choosing your date range you will see a new calendar picker for the start and end date. The new calendar picker allows you to select a custom date range which expand the amount of data being pulled. You will notice the following changes in the export flow:

• You will be able to export a full years worth of data at a time

• You will receive an email to download the CSV once it is ready

What’s in it for you?

• You are in control of the data time frame you need.

• You are downloading larger sets of data.

• Data for your account is available from creation of your account.

How to get started?

Export Engagement Analytics CSV