February 7, 2022

February 2022 Release

1 features ✨ • 6 bugs 🐛 • 1 improvement ➕

Welcome to our February release!
We are kicking off the year by introducing more accessibility related capabilities. We’ve introduced keyboard navigation support to better enable a broader group of users to experience and access microapps.


Accessibility for microapp viewers

What is it?

Last year, we started our journey towards accessibility and introduced alternative text within the builder. In this release, we are providing keyboard support for microapp viewers to navigate and interact with each element on the microapp screen.

This means common accessibility keys such as TAB, ENTER, and arrow keys are available while viewing microapps.

What’s in it for you?

The new accessibility feature allows people with all abilities to experience and benefit from the microapps you create.

By providing this new feature for your viewers, you are meeting an additional accessibility requirement.

How to get started?

Check out this link → Accessibility: How to navigate microapps using a keyboard

Check out this link to learn about our last accessibility release→ Accessibility: How to add alternative text and titles to your microapp tiles


Sharing via subtags

Users with Base user permissions can now share microapps via subtags

Honorable Mentions

Microapp Landing Experience

Base users no longer have issues with having the 'Microapp Landing Experience' feature triggered at login

Dynamic Fields

Users can continue to add as many dynamic fields as they need

Embed Tiles

Embed tiles no longer display double scroll bars

Engagement Analytics

Broken image no longer appears in engagement analytics pages


Users will no longer see page hotspots on top of overlays

Display Contact Marker

Users can turn off the display contact marker again for their microapps