December 14, 2022

December 2022 Release

2 features ✨ • 2 Honorable Mentions 🎖

Welcome to the December release!

We've combined the benefits of the asset library with personalization as well as improved the engagement analytics export to include share information around sessions.


Enabling Personalization in the Asset Library

  What is it?

   Admins and Editors have the ability to configure and leverage the asset library images and videos for personalizing instances. Base users have a new
   option in the replace menu to Choose from Asset Library while editing an instance.

  What’s in it for you?

   Do you need a centralized location for Base users to grab curated assets with the right dimensions and branding when personalizing instances? Do you    want to prevent Base users from having to leave the platform to grab assets while editing instances? Manage your assets in the asset library and control    which libraries are available for your Base users.

  How to get started?

   How to enable Personalization in the Asset Library

Export CSV updates

  What is it?

   The engagement analytics export CSV has been updated with session share data. The following new fields will be available if the data is applicable:

  • Sender's Name
  • Share Link Created Date
  • Share Link Type
  • Share Link
  • Library Name

  What’s in it for you?

   Data that existed in different areas of the engagement analytics page are now all downloadable in one place. Users can get a wholistic view of data    surrounding the session as well as filter by additional fields.

  How to get started?

   Engagement analytics export CSV

Honorable Mentions

  Mobile App support for Personalization

   If you are leveraging personalization, you can now view and switch between personalization instances on the mobile app.

  Tiled plugin for Figma

   Users can log into the Tiled plugin for Figma using SSO