December 8, 2021

December 2021 Release

3 features ✨ • 6 bugs 🐛

Welcome to our December release!
We are ending the year strong by bringing more capabilities to improve microapp creation. We’ve introduced the following features into our product:

  • Access to 1000+ fonts
  • Accessibility within the builder
  • SSO for Tiled plugins


Access to 1000+ fonts

What is it?

Microapp creators can access any Google fonts within the microapp builder when configuring a text tile.

What’s in it for you?

Ultimately, we are giving you more font options to help form the look and feel of your microapps as well as an improved UI/UX configuration experience.

If you are following company brand guidelines have a better opportunity to maintain your visual identity using the text tile.

If you want to leverage instances and the dynamic text field, you can now find fonts that match or closely match your company-approved fonts.

How to get started?

Check out this link → How to use the text tile

Accessibility within the builder

What is it?

Our vision is to introduce a communication platform and medium that everyone can benefit from. We are working toward making microapps accessible starting with microapp tiles.

Microapp creators can add alternative text and titles to microapp tiles using the flyout in the builder.

Microapp viewers can use screen readers to read the configured text description in the HTML.

What’s in it for you?

By configuring your microapp tiles to be accessible, you will be allowing an extended population of users to interact with them and meeting one more accessibility requirement.

How to get started?

Check out this link → Accessibility: How to add alternative text and titles to your microapp tiles

SSO for Tiled Plugins

What is it?

If your company leverages single sign-on when logging into Tiled, you will be able to be authenticated the same way with our Tiled plugin for Adobe XD and Sketch.

What’s in it for you?

You can quickly and easily log into the Tiled plugin without having to remember another password.

You can now leverage using the Tiled plugin for Adobe XD and Sketch using your company SSO and can stop using a workaround to access the Tiled plugins.

How to get started?

Look out for the new 2.1.0 version of the Tiled plugin for Adobe XD and Sketch

Check out this link → Tiled Plugin: How to login using SSO

Honorable Mentions

Scroll tile

Scroll tile no longer causes flyouts to disappear or move behind the canvas

Gallery tile

Auto-transitioning gallery tiles will continue to transition correctly when interacting with galleries by hovering on desktop or tapping on mobile and tablet 

Hotspot tile

“External states” option should no longer appear in the target dropdown. Hotspots duplicated from one scroll state to another will not maintain the target information, but appear disabled prompting the user to add a target (mix of a feature and fix)

Global assets

Making updates to global assets in the Asset Library no longer remove them from the local asset panel

Analytics 'Usage Map'

Minor spacing error has been fixed when hovering over locations

User Management

Minor text typo in the error message when adding a new user without sending a welcome email