April 4, 2023

April 2023 Release

1 feature ✨ 5 Bug Fixes 🐞

Welcome to the April Release!

This month is full more microapp organization options and important bug fixes.



  What is it?

  We've introduced the creation of tags for microapps at the account and library level. In addition, system tags are automatically created   and assigned to microapps when a set of criteria are met.

  What’s in it for you?

  Tags are here to help you organize your library and make it easier to find the microapp you are looking for. You can not only create and manage tags, but   you can get insight on how many microapps share a specific tag.

  How to get started?

   Account Settings: Tag Management

   Library Settings: Tags

Bug Fixes

Undo is working again in the builder for deleted assets

Gallery is navigating in the right order again

Gallery no longer has assets extended out of the flyout

Scroll tile states are duplicating properly

Hover states work when broadcasting

Honorable Mentions

Native App

3.0.4 release version is available

Hover States

We've made behind the scenes improvements for hover states that now require you to re-publish your microapps leveraging hover states